Thoughts from Casablanca… almost there

3 07 2009

I am in Casablanca waiting for my flight… in 8 hours I will be in Accra. Yesterday I spent the day with Philipp in Frankfurt… Thank you Philipp, I had a really great time… Now, more than ever is more difficult for me to choose my favorite city… Maybe it’s time to understand that there is something interesting and beautiful in every corner of the world…

I am staying here for about 5 minutes and somebody already offered me a drink…  Maybe because my hair is blond and I am wearing shorts…  In Romania I look normal… in Casablanca it seems I am quite exotic: P. But it is so hot that I decided that it doesn’t matter if I am the only girls dressed like that from around here.

I am on a hallway, on the ground, sitting with my laptop in my lap… Everybody that is walking around looks at me like I am a freak!!! Am I? This was the second plug in that I tried and I am glad to say that its working :D.

I tried to call my mother but I finished my credit… In Romania its 20:21. I just saw another girl in shorts. I feel better…

3 hours later…

I am still in Casablanca… After watching Criminal minds and Taken I can honestly say that I am sick of waiting…  I probably got the amount of attention that I get in one year in Romania… I don’t believe it’s the shorts, it must be the fact that I am in the hallway… I started getting cold… I decided that I will never be a fan of the music they are playing in this airport… People are smiling at me, which is nice…

Somebody tried to pick me up… I was invited in the hotel… I pretended I don’t understand… Sitting in a hallway has many disadvantages…

This one has proposed marriage… this is no longer funny. When Cosi told me that this happened to her, I told myself that this is just an isolated case… I guess people like to move fast in this part of the world… In the end he left… he was kind of upset… but just because my hair is blond it doesn’t mean I am going to marry a stranger in Casablanca… 40 more minutes… and I will be on my way… should I be sorry that I am not leaving this airport married or engaged? :))) I don’t think so… 😛

A few days later…

My second day at MMRS, my forth day in Ghana…. After my plane trip I became a fan of Royal Air Maroc… everything was perfect  during my flight and I even got a rose… I will come back next week with details about Ghana and Accra and getting here… I have a lot to tell 🙂




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3 07 2009

You heart breaker 🙂 🙂 🙂

3 07 2009
bogdan Rusu

I loved your little story! Eventful, inciting, and tons of fun to read! I can’t wait for your next posts. Meanwhile, have a great time there! >:D<

6 07 2009

Thank you Bogdan, stay tuned because there is more to come… Ghana is proving to be very interesting 🙂

3 07 2009
Ana Timofei

yeyyy ! It also happened to me while being in Casablanca, Mohamed V airport. I just spent 30 minutes there, but I got tones of fans. They almost propose me and of course all eyes were on me :D. Is this because “romancele sunt frumoase ” ? :))

Sweet internship,

Ana, AIESEC Constanta

6 07 2009

Thank you Ana :), How are things going in Constanta?

8 07 2009
Ana Timofei

We are fine :). The EB term is so exciting and the people around me make me feel so proud of them . We have 5 trainees in our LC in this moment and we live moments of glory in AIESEC Constanta ( we never had so many trainees in the same time:D).
The Black Sea is just perfect for swimming !
Take care of you! Kisses :*

29 06 2010
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