My first week in Ghana :)

6 07 2009

It’s Saturday night and I didn’t felt like going out. A week ago, at this time, I was finishing my last dinner with my family, back home, in Romania. But enough about this now… Ghana is far more interesting… 😛

I arrived in Accra Tuesday morning, at 2 and a half am. On the airport, as I was waiting for my passport check, I noticed a commercial for a mobile phone provider. On a big banner it was written “bun venit”, which means welcome in Romanian. I made a picture with my mobile 🙂 Well, so much about the distance between Romania and Ghana… I thought it a little strange at the beginning, but then, as I was waiting more than an hour to get my visa on my passport, I forgot about it. I remembered it tonight… I miss my home, I would give anything right know for a smiley Romanian face and an honest “welcome” said in Romanian.

As I arrived in this country, I haven’t decided yet if I like it or not, I became sure that I will not stay more than six months. I miss a hot shower and fix prices… Why hot shower and fix prices… well let me tell you a little bit about life in Ghana, how I know it after five days…

A few facts about life in Ghana, Accra more precisely…

Having a shower…

In Ghana there is no hot water… You will ask yourself why I need it and why I miss it, since it is so hot here… Well, I enjoy having hot showers, even if it is hot outside… I used to enjoy washing my hair with hot water… and I would definitely enjoy washing my clothes with hot water… I forget to mention that here there are not washing machines, and even if I would have one I wouldn’t know how to connect it to the water supply. Today I discovered that I am lucky to have a shower, because most people here “enjoy” sponge baths… This actually means that I am happy to have the water falling from somewhere up on my body…

Having a house…

I live in quite a big house, provided by the advertising agency I am working for… In Ghana you cannot rent a house for less than one year and you must pay in advance, that’s why most of the companies provide accommodation. The house is kind of big for me but I live in the same yard with Nuno, a colleague intern from Cameron, so I don’t feel completely deserted J

At the begging I really believed that I live alone, but I discovered during the second night that I am wrong… there are large families of insects, mostly huge bugs and ants, that feel the need of visiting my kitchen and my dining room… I keep telling them, with a Raid spray in my hand, that I like being alone, and that I don’t feel like having guests, but I guess they are feeling alone and in need of company… unfortunately for them I don’t enjoy theirs!!!


In my first day here I discovered that going to work can be quite an adventure…. I have to change to means of transportation: one “Share taxi” and one “Trou trou”. There are no busses in Accra… The “Share taxi” it’s exactly the way it sounds… Me and Nuno go in the station in the morning and take this car, and share it with some strangers, for a short distance, to Circle. In this care there are usually between 4 and 7 passengers, depends of the size. When we reach Circle, we get down and take the “Trou trou” wich is smaller than a Romanian maxi taxi, and not very clean. The drivers get as many people as possible in it. You cannot stand up! Nuno says that most of the drivers sleep during the night in their cars. I decided to try and ride the bicycle that the last intern in the agency left at my house. I have to change the tire, but what a sustainable life I am going to live…

Welcome to Ghana Alexandra!

PS: The interns here told me that I will fall in love with Ghana, and it will be very difficult for me to leave…. Maybe, maybe not… the bright side of things is that my work here is really exciting… see you in December Romania  😀




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6 07 2009

Alexa, is amazing to read form u, please keep posting!!!
I hope u’ll get used to Ghana soon, i’ve a very good italian friend that was intern there last year and she is still living there, just tell me if you want her contact, maybe can be helpful.

A big kiss and Hug

Good Luck

6 07 2009

Thank you very much Dora 🙂 It is really great to hear from you :).Congratulations for Amsterdam. I hope you will have a great experience there, I know the city is amazing 🙂

It would be great if you could give me your friend contact. I don’t know to many people here 🙂


6 07 2009

Felicitari Alexandra.
Abia astept urmatorul articol.

Iti doresc o experienta minunata si mult succes!


6 07 2009

Multumesc mult Lucian 🙂 Ti pup :*

7 07 2009

You’re hot enough so a hot shower shouldn’t be necessary..

7 07 2009

ce bine ca facut blog!!:D
te rog sa adaugi poze!! with the bugs and all..:p 😀
te pup!! si noua ne e f dor de tine! (desi nush daca realizam inca, cat de departe suntem de tine..:)

7 07 2009

wow, now i really wished i was there :)) sounds like a lot of fun & adventurous

29 06 2010
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