Beyin and Nzulezu – my first perfect weekend in Ghana :)

15 07 2009

Part 2

As I promised, I came back with part 2 🙂

After visiting the fort, we ate and played cards. I learned a new game and it was quite fun…  Although we ordered the dinner with 2 hours in advanced, we still had to wait 😀 People here talk about Ghanaian minutes :P… In Ghana, if they say 15 minutes, prepare to wait for at least an hour…

After dinner we went for the guest house, were we discovered that the forth room, the one destroyed by a previous storm, was actually ok to live in… at least for one night 🙂 I wake up in the morning with my legs full of insects bites, I can’t say for sure that they were mosquitoes, but who cared… we were going to visit Nzulezu that day and I was really excited 😀

You can find the pictures here, btw 😀 (its a public link and you don’t need a facebook account, I think :P)

We went there by boat… its’ the only way you can get to Nzulezu. The way there was extraordinary. So so very beautiful… I was a bit scared, as I never learned how to swim… shame on me, but I promise that I will return from Ghana with swimming skills and an international driving license!

Seeing the way the people in the village lived, so simple and happy; I started thinking about what am I looking for in my life. Why I feel like I am never content? What am I searching for? When enough will actually be enough?

I was impressed by the kids there; they seemed so happy, smiling and wanting to see the pictures. In the village were 3 churches!!! It helps you not having a doubt that you are in Ghana :P. The boat drivers said that around 450 people live there. It was funny to see goats in a village on water 😛

We spent around 2 or 3 hours there and after that we decided to go home 🙂 We switched places, and gave up the tro tro for a very beautiful and comfortable car 😀 Martin proved his driving skills on a quite “interesting” road 😛 (you can see it in the facebook album :P)

Of course the police stopped us and asked for our papers 😀 And Alexandra, here present, didn’t have her passport with her, not even a copy, nothing… because her passport is at the Emigration Office for the residence permit… And they let us go, after telling us, actually telling me, that I have to carry a copy of my passport every time I am travelling near the border… (We were close to the Ivory Coast border.)

We decided to stop for something to eat in Takarodi and then we passed through Cape Coast. We are going there next weekend 😀

On our way to Accra, from Cape Coast, we met again the police… This time the guy left Martin his phone number… in case we feel like having a drink 😛  Ghana can be fun and beautiful, if you give it a chance 😀

Me happy,

PS: Regarding the mosquito bites, I expect to get Malaria pretty soon… the pills to prevent it don’t always work 😦




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