On Sunday I will speak in Romanian for more than 10 minutes :)

17 07 2009

Hello world, Hello AIESEC, Hello my dear friends 🙂

I miss many things right now, although I am excited and I feel very much ALIVE.

I miss my girls (they celebrated Cosmina‘s birthday yesterday).  I miss my MC Team (Alex posted some pictures on facebook and suddenly I felt like I want to be there with them).  I miss my family (my mother’s birthday is next week). I miss Iasi, my hometown (today there are 34 degrees Celsius compared with 26 in Accra)….

My life in Ghana is really exciting but a friend of mine told me that maybe somehow I am trying to create my own Romania here in Accra…  I don’t know if it’s true….

The fact that on Sunday I will spend some time meeting Liviu, the Romanian guy that lives in Ghana for about 2 years, will probably make me feel more at home, than I already do… So I will speak in Romanian on Sunday, with a Romanian 🙂 I will drink a glass of wine and I will celebrate the fact that the world is small 🙂 I will create a small Romania in Accra and I will enjoy every moment…

Me happy 😀

PS: Today in the morning I walked to work listening Coldplay and The Killers… what can be better than that?




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