I spoke about the lemons, but not about the lemonade :)

21 07 2009

Well, I can honestly say that I am seeing things in a new light, 2 days after being robbed :P. I still hate the guy pretty much, but in a way I should thank him… He reminded me that I am a lucky girl, being surrounded by so many friends 🙂 Actually my friends reminded me that, the robber was too busy running with my things 🙂

Last night felt like Christmas… thank you Emma and KLepo for that, thank you Moru for the “wake up” e-mail :D, thank you Dea, Alex and Codi for the comments… I am lucky to have friends like you…

I am lucky that I don’t have to rob somebody in order to survive, I am lucky that I have my family at a phone call away ready to buy a plane ticket and take me home 🙂 (I refused the generous offer, I still believe Ghana has a lot to give 🙂 )

I am lucky… I just have to see it more often and learn to appreciate it.

Me adapting 🙂

PS: For people that want to come to Ghana… maybe it’s not such e good idea to read my blog 😛 You might feel the need to change your mind… 90% of the people I met here really like it so you should speak with them and give Ghana a chance 🙂




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21 07 2009

That’s the spirit! Keep it up.

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