The weekend stories… some of them are freaky/funny, some of them are happy, some of them are sad!

27 07 2009

I haven’t posted anything in awhile… but yeah, I am still alive, and thank god, I wasn’t robbed again :P.

The freaky/funny Friday night:

My weekend started on Friday night :)… We were supposed to get to Champs (a bar were most of the foreigners spent their Friday nights) so I decided to meet Emma and KLepo in Circle, a very crowded place, the tro tro station is also located there. Thinking about the traffic, I left home as usually… I didn’t want to be late and I didn’t want to get there earlier… But of course… I got to Circle a lot earlier than I was supposed to… I think I spent there the longest 15 minutes of my life… I feel like laughing now 😛

I got out from the taxi and the show began… People trying to get my attention and yelling “obroni” (which means white man). People touching me just for the fun of it… People trying to touch my hair… and the weirdest one… the guy simulating having sex in front of me, yelling “obroni”! At the begging I thought he was mad… but when he started with “obroni”, white man, white girl and so on I realized he really wanted to get my attention… I was saved from the freaky situation when I saw Emma and KLepo coming. I was so happy to see them… God, Accra can be a weird place sometimes!

We reached Champs, which was supposed to be renovated… But we are in Ghana so they didn’t finished on time… The place was looking like a warehouse, but the drinks were for free… and after the “obroni, look at me!” situation I really needed a drink… I meet some new people, I had some fun… and then we decided to go to Liz goodbye party… I have to mention that I met Liz just once… Well, we got to Alex place… he has a really great place, with African masks and stuff and we spent around 30 minutes there… and then we left again! I was kind of sober, so I didn’t enjoyed walking to Osu… Now, if I think better, the walk wasn’t really long… but still, walking during night in Accra… I didn’t feel safe… so I got angry! That didn’t helped much… 😛

Anyway… we arrived to our destination, which I didn’t know it was our destination till I got there… It was a place where people dance, and because there isn’t enough space inside, they dance on the street… At the beginning I didn’t liked it, then I remembered I was in Ghana and I decided to have fun… and I did… Lucia made my night 😛

When we got home I had the “nicest” surprise! I couldn’t unlock the door to my room again… I didn’t want to break the door again, so we slept on the couch… In the morning I asked Mister Roger to try to unlock the door. He couldn’t and I told him to get a carpenter for me… The carpenter came and gave me the “great news“… He had to break the lock… It’s like the second lock I break in less than 1 week!

So he broke the lock and moved to the living room to fix it. In that moment we discovered that the lock was rusty inside and that he can’t fix it!

In that precise moment I asked myself if God is having fun watching me… I think the answer is YES and… I don’t mind… Life in Ghana is as it is…

I will come back with the happy Saturday and somehow sad Sunday… Kids, live your life, it doesn’t matter if it’s Ghana, Dubai, Austria, Romania or any other part of the world…

Me… I don’t know…. But I don’t think confused is the right word!




3 responses

27 07 2009

Eu nu stiu daca “nenea de sus” se distreaza da tine da eu sigur mooooor de ras mereu citing blog-ul tau 🙂 Si acum am ras si mai cu pofta cand am vazut cum innebunetsti tu negrii din Ghana 🙂 Tine-o tot asa 🙂

27 07 2009

Da, in cateva saptamani o sa mi se para si mie amuzant 🙂 Ma bucur ca ceea ce scriu amuza lumea, trebuie sa recunosc ca acesta este si scopul 😀

Alternativa ar fi sa ma imbrac cum se imbraca femeile musulmane, sa mi se vada doar ochii, dar pe caldura asta…

Ti pup :*

1 08 2009

Da, ar fi o idee buna, dar a te dai cu crema de ghete in jurul ochilor ca sa nu mai tipe “obroni” dupa tine 🙂

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