The weekend stories… some of them are freaky/funny, some of them are happy, some of them are sad!

28 07 2009

Part 2:

The somehow happy Saturday 🙂

So after my second lock was broken… I decided to forget about it and enjoy the weekend 🙂 We went to Kokrobite by tro tro… It took around 2 hours to get there, there is always traffic in Accra… When it got there it was already night but still I could realize how nice the place is 🙂 After an really good egg sandwich we went to the place where we were suppose to spend the night. The beach was clean (as I understood this isn’t something that happens very often), the music was nice, a few rasta people selling ganja (marijuana), a police officer running to catch a seller, mosquitoes and the sea 🙂 What could I want more?

I spent the evening on the beach, on a chair, enjoying the mild wind and my new friends. After a while we went to listen to live music in Big Millys Backyard. The band was really great 🙂 I will definitely go there again 🙂

The somehow sad Sunday 😐

The Sunday morning started really great… the European breakfast with banana pancakes, mushroom omelet and coconut was the best I had since coming to Ghana 🙂 A great part of the trip was the jewelry shop close to the tro tro station 😀 I bought African earrings for all my girlfriends and I felt so good 🙂 I love the jewels there and now I have one more reason to come back 😀

The day got gloomy when we reached the police station and we met Ethel and Martin there. A window of their car was broken by thieves.:( They actually stole a pair of pants, a cap and a towel, some CDs with Martin reel on it (he is a director), and the remote for the car radio! The funny part is that they left the radio in the car… I still can’t imagine for what they need the remote, if they left the radio there… The big damage was made to the car, the things stolen being so…. 😦 They couldn’t even break the window right! They actually cut really bad the rubber that surrounded the window and then they also broke it! Why didn’t they just break the window? Questions remained unanswered!

We left with the tro tro and we decided that I have to go home to get more money. I didn’t plan spending money on jewels and I was kind of out of funds 😀 And guess what? When I reached my home I remembered that I left the keys to KLepo’s house… so I couldn’t get the money! So typically me 😛 I am sure now that God is having a lot of fun watching me 😛 Aqua saved the day 🙂 (thank you Aqua :*)

We left to the airport. It was time to say goodbye to KLepo and here is the somehow sad part! KLepo left, Emma is leaving in 2 weeks… I will miss them a lot… I am glad that Sabine and Aqua are still here for a while 🙂

The fun part at the airport is that you are not allowed to stay in front of the departure entrance more than one minute! I and Emma probably looked like some killers ready to blow up the airport… We didn’t 🙂 I could never blow up the thing that will help me get home in December 😛 I am sure that I can even love the building 😛

Me in the office 🙂

PS: Exactly one month ago I was leaving Romania to come to Ghana! I miss people, things and cheese…  but now, more than ever, I am sure that at the end of my experience here, I will be extremely happy with my choice!




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