And her words were: “You have 2 of the 6 symptoms, so I will treat you for Malaria!”

5 08 2009

I must admit I got a little scared… Nobody wants to get Malaria, right?

The story goes like this…. On Thursday night I meet Nuno in the kitchen (we share it) and he told me he got Malaria in Kokrobite. I was like… well you don’t look like you had it, so the pills must have been really efficient…

On Friday I am going to work as usually. Around 3 pm I start having a little fever and a horrible headache. I was feeling kind of dizzy, but not really bad.

My direct manager saw me around 4:30. I wanted to go home at that point. He looked at me and says: “I think you have Malaria!” At that specific moment in time I freaked out. Not because of the possibility of having Malaria, but because that meant skipping the Volta region trip!

I didn’t in the end; you can see the pictures here:

So I went to the Clinic. I think I got sicker on the way, thinking that I might be sick. I arrived there. The nurse takes a look at me, takes my personal data. I said: „I think I have Malaria”. She takes my temperature, notes it down, sends me to the laboratory, they take some blood, make some tests. I am sitting there, looking pitiful, and waiting for somebody to tell me it’s just flu…

I discover that according to them I am 55 kg, which is not possible, because I was 62 kg 5 weeks before. I smile, they smile… One of the guys tells me he wants to follow me in Romania… I am asking myself if he knows where Romania is exactly… anyway, around 5.05, five minutes after the clinic was supposed to be closed, I get in the doctor’s office.

She asks questions, I say NO to most of them… I don’t feel sick anymore… I just want to go to Monsoon and eat European food… Then she asks me if I have a headache. I say yes! Do I feel dizzy? Not anymore, but I felt like that one hour before…

So the conclusion is: “You only have 2 of the 6 general symptoms. Your blood test is negative. But… I think you have Malaria and I will give you the treatment!” So she gave me the treatment for 3 days. By the time I got home, I was feeling ok. I decided to go to Volta region anyway. I didn’t felt sick at all but I took the medicine, just in case. Yesterday I went there again and it seems I am ok 🙂

Of course, I might get Malaria till I go home, actually the second doctor suggested to not get prevention treatment, in order for my body to get immune…. I don’t think I want to get sick in order to become immune!

Me happy 🙂

PS: My weekends save my weeks 🙂 I try to discover the beautiful things in Ghana one step at a time. I still count the days sometimes but I feel that my adapting period is over. I feel somehow that the process is finished. I mean, I didn’t really freaked out at the thought that I might have Malaria 😀 (ok, I freaked out just a little)  Five weeks ago I would have searched for the shortest way ot of Ghana, I am sure 😀




2 responses

5 08 2009

Ouch, only the thought that I might have malaria would scares me pretty much. Take care, I hope you’ll get back to Romania all healthy!

5 08 2009

I will 😀

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