The 7 things I like about Ghana :P

10 08 2009

Today are exactly 42 days since I arrived in Ghana 🙂 I wanted to have an intense cultural experience and here I am, living my dream. After 42 days I feel like I somehow blended in, as much as possible for a white blond women in a country full of black people 😛

Today Emma is leaving 🙂 Emma is one of the people that made Ghana great for me. Thank you Emma! On Saturday morning we were in Kaneshie market with Esther, eating an egg sandwich and we start talking about the things that we like about Ghana. Egg sandwiches are definitely on our list :P. I was thinking about my personal list. What are the things I like about/in Ghana so far :D?

  1. The number ones on my list are the weekend trips. There are some really great places to visit in Ghana. I personally recommend Volta region and Nzulezu. Cape Coast is pretty great too. Of course, I still have a lot to see, but I really love the weekends when I am out of Accra!
  2. The fact that you can buy anything you want sitting in a cab, being blocked in the traffic. Yes, what are you reading is true. People with things to sell are wandering around, between the cars, in the traffic. Newspapers, towels, papaya, ice-cream, handkerchiefs, locks, boiled eggs, phone credit, chocolate milk… You name it, somebody will sell it. All you have to do is open your window and say “psssst” in order to attract the seller attention.
  3. FanIce and FanChoco 😀 FanIce is vanilla ice-cream and FanChoco is a kind of chocolate milk, although I don’t think it really has milk. The products are produced by FanMilk, which is the only Ghanaian company that produces milk. The great part is that you can find it anywhere and it tastes really nice 🙂
  4. I only like two types of Ghanaian food. The plantain with peanuts and the fried rice with chicken. I am not crazy about the plantain but the fried rice with chicken and salad from Kaneshie Market is incredible. It’s the only place I tried so far that makes a really good chicken. In Ghana, when they cook the chicken, it is very dried and hard. I really dislike it. But I discovered this one place, where the chicken is soft and really juicy. I eat chicken from there at least 3 times a week.
  5. Egg sandwiches – every second day I eat an egg sandwich. There are 3 places in Accra where I discovered the best egg sandwiches. The first one is in Kaneshie Market, at the base of the bridge. The second one is 2 minutes from the place I work and the third one is also in Kaneshie, near the interns’ house. You are probably asking yourself what’s so special in a egg sandwich… I guess it’s the way they make it, I don’t know 🙂
  6. Another thing I really like is the fabrics 🙂 The fabrics here are really colorful and nice 🙂 Thanks to Emma and Sabine, I meet a really nice seamstress and a guy that makes bags, so I will come back home with many bags and colorful skirts 😀
  7. The Mango Bliss in Melting Moments. Melting Moments is a really nice place near Dankwah Circle. If you come to Accra, you just have to go there.  The Mango Bliss it’s a smoothie that tastes so good that you just can’t stop.  I felt like in heaven drinking it.

Among other things I like are the fruits 😀 In Romania I used to eat apples, oranges, bananas, peaches and other fruits that you can find there. Here I am crazy about pineapple, papaya and mango. Everything is so natural and tasty. Completely different from a pineapple you can buy in a supermarket in Romania.

Me happy 🙂

PS: There are many other things that I like, I just have to organize my thoughts 😛




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10 08 2009

I had a Mango Bliss today for lunch, so I hope your not too jealous 🙂

10 08 2009

I am a little jealous… but thinking that in the next 4 months I can have as many as I want, it makes me feel better 😛 Don’t eat to much cheese when you get in Europe… I think I envy you even more for that 😛

10 08 2009

Oh, take me to Melting Moments! Please, take me there! There just HAS to be something to make me miss the mango lassis in London a little bit less!

11 08 2009

I soon as you feel like visiting Accra, that’s the first place we are going 🙂 An I think that you are the only one of my friends that doesn’t have to take a plane in order to visit me 😛

11 08 2009

Intense experience! I’m in Ghana trough your blog! Enjoy your time there! Miss you!

11 08 2009

I miss you too :* I read your blog from time to time and makes me fell closer to home and to the people I care about :*

11 08 2009
Alexandru Negurici

As I’m seeing, you’re having the time of your life 🙂

11 08 2009

I am doing my best 😀 After I gain more experience, I promise to share about it on the OGX blog 🙂 There are so many things to say 🙂

19 08 2009

Wow I’m mentioned in a blog! I like your top 7, it’s almost the same as mine. The people here make it fun for me so I would put them on numer 1 (or 2!). But then again it’s not typically Ghanaian since they don’t come from Ghana! Okay so your top is good then. This weekend another trip to escape Accra. Almost my last!

20 08 2009

:D, I actually wanted to put the people on the first place, but than I realised they don’t come from Ghana :P… I can hardly wait for the trip 😀

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