Sometimes I feel like screaming! STOP! STOP! STOP!

17 08 2009

Stop peeing in front of me! Stop, stop, STOP! Every day I see at least 3 men peeing on the side of the road. This is happening in a country where they have signs with “Keep Ghana clean!” People, this is not a normal thing to do, peeing in public is not NORMAL. They have Urinals all around, why do they pee on the side of the road? Why? Why?

OK, after a while I decided to ignore the entire thing… if I see someone peeing, I just turn my head and pretend that it’s not real. But men addressing me 1 second later after peeing? What are they thinking? I was going home on a Saturday, before going to Sabine and Emma’s party. 2 minutes before I reach my gate I see a man peeing. I turn my head and pretend that it’s not happening. The guy finishes peeing, and then comes after me yelling “obrouni” and “white lady” and “hello”. I am still asking myself what was he thinking.

On Sunday, exactly the same thing happened but with a different man. I must have a sign upon me: “Please hit on me immediately after you pee, your success rate will increase enormously!”

If you want to keep Ghana clean, peeing on the side of the road isn’t going to help!

The Urinal Point

Me happy 😛

PS: This weekend was great, speaking in Romanian, taking my skirts from the seamstress, having Raluca visiting… I am really homesick, so yes, I am counting the days…. I didn’t planned on being homesick so I don’t really like it, but I guess I have to live with it 😛 I know I will be better prepared for my next experience, no mather where it will happen 🙂




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17 08 2009

I’m hoping for (and strongly recommend) a post on the green skirt next!

17 08 2009

Maybe a picture :D… I will think about it 😛

17 08 2009

Don’t worry about being home sick. This comes and goes and you don’t usually plan it; it’s part of the experience.

Enjoy the time you have 🙂

17 08 2009

10x Rral, I am doing my best 🙂

18 08 2009
Alexandru Negurici

Very nice girl ! :>

27 08 2009

Faza asta cu urinatul in vazul tuturor imi aduce aminte romanul Shogun. In Japonia anilor 1600, era perfect normal ca in timpul unei calatorii, sa te retragi pe marginea drumului, si in fata celuilalt sa-ti faci nevoile, fara sa existe jena ca te vede cineva. “Ritualul” era completat de un taran care culegea excrementele si le folosea ca ingrasamant pentru camp. Nu credeam ca inca se mai practica in secolul nostru 🙂

Aaa, si mi-am mai adus aminte de ceva: in Amsterdam sunt pisoare publice fara usi, chiar in centrul unei piete de langa muzeul Rijk. Si vezi ziua in amiaza mare cum barbatii se duc acolo, in vazul tuturor si-si fac nevoile. Oricum, e destul de bine acoperit, nu se vede nimic, dar ideea e oarecum ciudata. 🙂

P.S.: Si chestia asta cu urinals se aplica si la femei in Ghana?

27 08 2009

Din pacate da, dar in 2 luni de cand sunt aici am vazut doar 3! Faza e ca e o sursa imensa de microbi si boli, si pe ei nici nu ii intereseaza. Plus ca majoritatea canalizarilor se varsa intr-un rau in apropiere de Circle, care e o zona foarte populata. Mirosul e oribil, nu mai spun de priveliste… Socul cultural numarul 2 pt mine 😛

Hugs 🙂

29 06 2010
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