Lessons I still have to learn!

28 08 2009

No. 1 – Getting attached…

I have this habit… I knew that about me, I knew that I get really attached to my personal things, that I love every single pair of earrings, every T-shirt, skirt, every small small item I own. And yes, it hurts me terrible to lose something, or to have it ruined. It’s just the way I am. I don’t think it makes me superficial… It’s true that are more important things in life, but I just can’t help it…

Most of my friend would say that these are just things. Well, every little thing I own has a memory attached to it, and it can’t really be replaced. I can buy new stuff, but will not be the same as the old one. A process will start again; I will again get attached… and be sad when the thing is lost /ruined.

I lost a second pair of sandals to Ghana. You will say it’s just a pair of shoes. And that maybe it’s not Ghana’s fault. It might be true…. But for me it’s not just a pair of shoes. I knew that it couldn’t last forever, but still… It was the pair of sandals that I bought before I went to You Can, in Turkey, in 2007! Every time I put them on I remembered something about that conference, which I enjoyed so much.

Last evening, I came home and I discovered that my favorite suite was full of mould. It’s a thing that occurs because of the humidity, but still, it makes me so frustrated… I shook the hand of one of Romania’s presidents in that suite, while receiving an award…

For me things are not just simple things. It’s not about the price I paid or about things like that. It’s about things that happen… It’s about precious moments that I keep in little “boxes”…

So lesson number one for me in Ghana: Stop getting attached!

I hope I will master this by the end of my internship…. If I was worried about not having enough space in my bags, for my things, if things keep going like this, I don’t have to worry anymore! 😛

Me overall happy! 🙂

PS: Small small shoping this weekend :P, and than Takoradi 🙂




8 responses

28 08 2009

I feel you! I glad that you are happy “overall”. I really enjoy reading your blog:)

28 08 2009

Mersi mult Maria 🙂 Ti pup

31 08 2009

No, you definitely have to attach memories to things!! Don’t lose that, even when Ghana destroys it, just have to create a new memory and keep remembering the old one!

31 08 2009

I am doing my best 🙂 I miss you 🙂 I hope you had a great time so far :P, the pictures KLepo posted are really nice 🙂


1 09 2009

I’ve made up my mind to leave Ghana with nothing but small presents and all the wonderful Ghanaian fabric things. My cardigan, the only long-sleeved piece of clothing I have with me, also got terribly mouldy. After a good wash-up, however, it looks wearable again. I’ve already lost three skirts due to trotro mishaps.

The bitter-sweet-ironic thing is that, when it comes to memories, Ghana will leave a stronger imprint on you than most of the other things you mentioned. They might not be all great, and they surely will be more about losing things than about things. 🙂 But I’m sure you’ll grow fond of these memories too, in the end.

1 09 2009

If I can laugh because the airline company I got my ticket from for Vienna – Bucharest got bankrupt, I think I can get over anything else… well, not really but 🙂

See you on Saturday?


6 09 2009

Good luck with learning that lesson, but I’m sure you won’t 🙂 Because it’s wrong. Just like Emma said, you should get attached to things, some people don’t, but it’s their loss. I’m sorry you’re one of the persons SkyEurope deceived, check with wizzair, I read they should offer a good deal to you.

10 09 2009

10x Lucian 🙂 I decided to buy my ticket in November 🙂 I will see than with which company 🙂 Hugs

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