And when you think you have a plan…

1 09 2009

So I bought my plane ticket from Vienna to Bucharest, for 20 of December. On Friday I paid the ticket Accra – Vienna, being happy that I have both tickets and that I will spend 4 days in Vienna 🙂 When I checked the airline company, of course a low cost one, I am young and penniless :P, I was thinking “I hope it won’t go bankrupt!”

Well, today, opening my laptop and reading the news… I found out that SkyEurope went bankrupt…  A good way to start the day! Looking at the bright side, I am only losing 50-60 Euro… or maybe I will get some of it back, who knows!  I spent the morning laughing and thinking that God is having fun watching me, for the n time since I came to Ghana…

I think I kind of changed since I came here… Normally I would have been furious with what happened. Instead, I had a good laugh… S*** happens…

Me happy overall!

PS: Today starts my third month in Ghana 🙂 Hard to believe that the time goes so fast 😛




2 responses

1 09 2009

Oh, but Vienna is basically home! From there, it’s just four hours by bus to Budapest, another seven hours by bus to Cluj and no more than eight hours and a half by train to Iasi! And it will cost only about three times the fare for the low cost flight! (I really miss that part of the world!)

1 09 2009

I know :D… I can hardly wait 🙂 I enjoy my time here, but… well Europe is Europe 😛

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