Bad bad day for science!

3 09 2009

Some days are really great, but some other days are like really really bad. I miss my home and my friends. There are 65 days since I arrived… I got attached to some really great people, but nature is following its course so now its Esther turn to leave… She finished her internship and today she is going back to The Nederlands. Sabine is going to leave on 19th of September… and the list will definitely go on…

I feel so far away from everything…. And I need so much to talk face to face to my close friends… I miss having a good laugh with my girls, somewhere in Iasi, I miss shopping with Mariana, sharing the chillax room with Moru and Cata, listening to Ana’s pragmatic ideas, and I miss Mickey and Alex! Indeed it’s a bad day for science today!

Last night I had a nightmare about my creepy neighbor. This guy really gives me the creeps. And after listening to what Tanja and Brenda told me yesterday, I really have to find a way to avoid him… Why me? A few facts about the guy… he has a gun and shot 6 times in the air just to clean it… and he wants us to be friends… No way! He asked me if I feel lonely…  I don’t… at least not that lonely to go have dinner and watch movies at his place! Never ever! God…

Otherwise all is good. I am sure tomorrow I will stop missing everybody so badly… It’s just because Esther is leaving today… Have a great trip home Esther, and don’t miss Ghana too much 😛

Me concerned 😐




5 responses

3 09 2009
Laura de Amsterdam ;))

we miss u too, Alexaaa!! :*:*
Christmas is only..hmm..4 months away?:D.. so see u soon!!:D

3 09 2009

:* I can hardly wait… 🙂

3 09 2009
Mariana Calin

I miss you too!

I’m sure we will meet in a few months and we will do the shopping and the laughing and everything 🙂
Ti pup tare!

7 09 2009
Catalina Simion

Si mie imi e dor de tine si de noi! 🙂
De abia te asteptam sa te intorci si sa facem o reuniune :)).

Ti pup cu draaag si iti trimit o imbratisare!!!

7 09 2009

Si mie imi e dor de tine! 🙂 Si hai, ca nu mai e mult. Mai putin de 4 luni… aproape 3 luni si 10 zile 🙂 trec repede repede 🙂

Ti pup!

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