Happy… for no particular reason :D

10 09 2009

My day started at 5 am. I woke up in order to be at work at 7:20. Which I did… The fact that the meeting was canceled and Clement didn’t have my new phone number to let me know didn’t ruin my day… I didn’t get angry… Yes, I definitely changed a lot… There is no chance for me to become Ghanaian by the end of my internship, but I am definitely much more relaxed 😛

My day started with some papaya, e great e-mail from Moru, and a video about MindValley and how it’s like working there. I would like to work for a company like that someday… Maybe I will 😀

Today it’s a special day! Yesterday was a special day! The day before yesterday was a special day!

One month from today it will be my birthday. Yes, I am getting very fast closer to 25 😀 I still feel like a child… I know it’s weird but somehow I never felt mature, not even for one day in my life… Maybe after 25 😛

Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday. He is 5 now. I called him but he was too busy watching cartoons to speak with me… I could never compete with “Thomas the Train” 😛 I imagine him sitting in front of TV and telling my sister he is too busy to speak with his aunt on the phone 😛 I wonder if my mom and dad got the same treatment 😛 Probably not, since my dad is a kind of personal hero to him 🙂

The day before yesterday was my mother’s name day. Her name is Maria 🙂 I am a bad daughter and I almost forgot about this, but thank God for facebook and for the fact that I have a few great friends named Maria… So my day was saved 😛 We had a great 20 minutes talk and I can just imagine sitting together in December, me telling her all the crazy things that happen to me here, and having a good laugh… I have a great family:D

I enjoy little things now and it feels great…

Me happy, I do hope you all are 😀




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