Falling in love :)

6 10 2009

It happened… Just as Aqua was telling me at the beginning of my internship… I felt in love with Ghana! It may be the country… and it’s definitely the experience 🙂

Saturday night I was in a bar, in Kumasi, with William, Sahil and Brian and, for the first time in Ghana, I told myself that I don’t really want to leave this place!  After working for 3 days for 2 events for the Ghanaian Ministry of Finance, I joined Sahil, William and Brian for dinner and clubbing. I believe Kumasi has a lot to offer in this area. The city is amazing, 100 times more beautiful than Accra. Everything is so green. They have public squares and parks. I loved it. I was like… I want to move here! But I am getting away from my subject…

Why falling in love? I remember the first time I felt in love, or more likely infatuated… At the beginning I was hating the guy, in the end he was the only thing I could think about 😛 Ghana is like that. My experience here is like that… I remember my first 2 weeks here… I was feeling like it was the worse choice ever, now I KNOW that it is the best one 😀

I felt so many things being here: excitement when I first arrived, boredom in the first weeks at work, happiness when visiting so many amazing places, hatred when I was robbed, and homesickness almost every week, gratefulness for getting to know some really great people, fear and disgust for my sleazy neighbor that peaks at me behind his curtains, and the list may go on.

I learned so many things here, mostly about myself. In Ghana I learned to appreciate small things like running water. On Wednesday night last week I woke up at 2 am because the sound of running water. My care taker forgot to shut it down. I was so happy. Being 3 days without running water can get on your nerves pretty bad 😛 And when I think about the fact that in my first week here I was upset because the complete lack of hot water in my place… 😛

On Thursday last week I had my first hot bath in a bathtub in more than 3 months 😛 You cannot imagine how much pleasure that simple fact produced 🙂 I spent more than 2 hours in the bathtub 🙂

I can live without these things now… I don’t have a problem with having a cold shower, I learned how to cook and I really enjoy it. I know my father smiles every time a call home to ask for a new dish  🙂 Finding dill in Shoprite feels like a holyday and from time to time I enjoy an expensive coffee in Accra Mall 🙂

I have moments when I smile by myself and I haven’t laugh as much in my entire life as I laugh every time I am with William and Sahil. We all miss Sabine a lot and we are wondering how her reintegration in Germany is. Is she using words as “small small”, “challe”? Does she makes annoying sounds like tzzz, does she try to negotiate in the supermarket? Has she tried to bribe the police in traffic? Most probably not but we all laugh a lot imagining this kind of situations 🙂

If I wouldn’t have chosen Ghana I would have never meet these wonderful people that touched my heart in so many ways! I would have never seen places like Volta Region, Cape Coast, Kumasi, The Monkeys Sanctuary, Nzulezu… I would have missed so much… And honestly the thought makes me sad! Our happiness is in the decisions we make, is in crazy ideas, and is in the courage to go further… Overcoming your fears, going to places where you have never imagined going 🙂

I stopped searching for perfection in my life. I don’t need it anymore. It’s not important. What is important is every tiny moment spent with a smile on my face, surrounded by my friends… The friends in Ghana, the friends and family back home 🙂

After 3 months in Ghana I know what I want to do with the rest of my life 🙂

Me… extremely happy and excited about what will come NEXT 🙂




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6 10 2009

Doamne, pot doar imi imaginez din ce povestesti mai sus cat de implinita spiritual esti acolo! Salutari de acasa si multe aventuri alaturi de “dragoastea” ta. Te-am pupat.

6 10 2009

Multumesc mult Sorana! Te pup 🙂

6 10 2009

Hey Alexandra, ce tare suna experienta asta pe care o traiesti – ma bucur ca ai ales ceva atat de diferit de Romania – live it up to the fullest si continua sa imparti experienta asta minunata cu ceilalti – imi place mult blogul tau 🙂

Cu drag din Romania,

6 10 2009

Multumesc mult Mo 🙂 Daca nu era AIESEC nu eram azi aici 🙂 Si nu ma refer doar la oportunitatea de a veni aici 🙂 Ti pup

7 10 2009
Mariana Calin

Me happy if you happy 🙂

Ti pup cu drag si imi e dor de tine!

7 10 2009

😀 Si mie imi e foarte dor de tine 🙂 Trebuie sa vedem cum facem, poate ne intalnim in decembrie sau ianuarie, cumva 🙂 Abia astept “The Monday Morning Meeting” 😛 Ti pup cu dor :*

7 10 2009


Citesc ce scrii, pentru ca imi esti draga si pentru ca am crescut cu tine in AIESEC. Si mai citesc pentru ca am experimentat si eu Xul, deocamdata pentru 2 luni prea scurte. Si pot sa zic, referitor la acest post in special, ca AIESEC si programul Exchange si-au indeplinit scopul cu brio in cazul tau. Felicitari, esti un model 🙂 Abia astept sa aud cum schimbi lumea usor usor pe oriunde ai sa fii! Si sa ne vedem sanatosi 🙂

7 10 2009

Multumesc mult Anca 🙂 AIESEC e intr-adevar o organizatie care schimba vieti. Pe a mea a schimbat-o sigur :)Ti pup si sper sa ne vedem la AIESEC Iasi Christmas party :*

7 10 2009

Ma sperii, sa stii 🙂 Treci dintr-o extrema in alta si mi-e teama ca nu o sa mai vii sa ma vizitezi, ca ramai acolo 😦

Totusi imi faci pofta sa scriu si eu si as soon as i will have internet at home, incep si eu, desi nu cred ca voi avea povesti asa interesante 😛 (aici chiar nu fluiera barbatii dupa mine pe strada :D) Si cand incep sa scriu, te rog sa imi si schimbi locatia la in lista de blog-uri 😛

Puuup si ne vedem in 2 luni jumate (chiar mai putin).

7 10 2009

:P… nu am sa imi schimb planurile 🙂 Asa ca ne vedem in 2 luni si 10 zile 😛 Abia astept si e unul din lucrurile care ma face instantaneu fericita cand imi vine in minte 🙂

Sunt asa de multi factori care imi afecteaza dispozitia, ca imi e imposibil sa nu trec de la o extrema la alta 😛 De exemplu de curand am aflat ca i-au spart casa unui prieten de al nostru, intern si el. I-au luat tot, inclusiv pasaportul… si locuim in aceeasi zona, la 10 minute distanta… Deci e destul de greu sa ramai constant cand asa de multe lucruri se intampla, atat pozitive cat si negative…

Ce ma bucur ca o sa incepi sa scrii din nou 😀 Abia astept. Ti pup cu dor si ne vedem in decembrie 😀

8 10 2009

Scrii foarte frumos… aproape ca te invidiez ca esti in Africa :)) Not 😛 Te astept cat de curand back in Romania… :*

8 10 2009

Si eu abia astept sa va vad 😀 Ajung pe 22 pe la 11 si ceva noaptea… deci ne vedem pe 23 😀 Asta daca nu vreti sa ma asteptati la gara 😛 Glumesc bineinteles 😛 Ti pup cu dor :*

29 06 2010
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