Happy Birthday :D

7 10 2009

Today is my grandma’s birthday. I called her at 8 am, 11 am Romanian Time. She is turning 74 today. She was in the garden. My grandfather picked up the phone. He called her. I was hearing him in the phone yelling “Come quickly, come, come… It’s Alexandra calling from Germany!” Well I am not exactly in Germany, but I guess both country names start with a “G”.

Untitled-1She was happy I called. I was even happier 🙂 She asked me if I am coming back… If I am happy… I told her I am 🙂 Do I plan to stay here? I don’t know yet, most probably no… Am I safe? Yes, although I don’t feel safe all the time… Am I having fun? Oh yes, I am having loads of fun 🙂 And so on and so on…

My grandfather is 79. He is one of the best people I met in my entire life. The kind of person that is good to the core of his bones. As a child I didn’t spent so much time with them. But it was enough for him to teach me how to ride a horse, to take me to the Negresti fair, to the vineyard and to other amazing places in my childhood. My grandmother makes the best pancakes in the world and the best raspberry jam…

Together they are great. I always have fun when I visit them, watching the way they quarrel 🙂 They have been together for more than 54 years 🙂 I am blessed to have them… I am blessed in so many ways 🙂

Happy happy birthday Grandma!




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