25 random things about Alexandra :P

9 10 2009


  • She was born on October 10 1984, at 7 pm sharp. Her mother was looking at the watch 😛
  • She wasn’t supposed to survive her first year because of some complications with her stomach. The doctor said that she will most probably die! Obviously she didn’t! Her mother was very determined at that time, thank God for that 😛
  • She started kindergarten at the age of 2 years and 5 months and left it at 8, one year later than the other kids. Her parents wanted her to be a kid for a longer time. In many many ways she is still a kid even now….
  • At the age of three her mother decided to replace her favorite toy, a blond doll. The replaced it with an exactly like blonde doll, but Alexandra saw some difference that wasn’t exactly there and gave up the toy. According to her mum, Alexandra carried the first doll everywhere. She didn’t even look at the second one.
  • At 4 years old she discovered that her cousin is a boy and pees in a different manner!
  • At 5 she had to cut her hair really short because some kids in kindergarten had lice and infested every other kid in class…
  • At 6 she started wearing earrings and she was very proud of herself because of that!
  • At 7 she cried near the school fence because all her friends were in school and she was in the kindergarten, still!
  • At 8 she finally started school and fall in love for the first time with a very beautiful classmate. I guess he was really beautiful, since she still remembers the fact!
  • At 9 she started learning English and got her first 5 because she didn’t learned a poem at the end of the trimester…
  • 10 was big, the cake was great, the family, the love, the fact that her age had now 2 numbers 😛
  • 11 – She got mumps and right after that chickenpox…  She spent one month at home and read more than 20 books from her mother’s library. At that precise moment in time she understood that reading is one of the best things a person can do!
  • At 12 she got drunk for the first time at her sister’s 18 Birthday party… That’s all she remembers about that night… She did it again after 12 years and something, in Ghana 😛 This time she remembered everything 😛
  • 13 and 14 – normal kids stuff… ditching school, smoking, failing music classes for one trimester, playing the rebel…
  • 15 – got her ID card one year later. Daddy was too busy to care about this, while she never was interested in having one 😛
  • 16 – first year of high school. She met her best friends 🙂 The “codename: smart” got bigger in University, but everything started in the first year of high school 🙂
  • 17 – her interest in communication started… the first failure in a history contest…
  • 18 – Falling in love for real… It’s true you can never forget your first love… never ever 😛
  • 19 – Won some contests, met some presidents, finished high school :P, knowing perfectly what she wants… or at least this was what she believed at that time 😛
  • 20 – Mario was born 🙂 For the first time the idea of having kids at a certain moment in her life didn’t sound that bad 😛
  • 21 – JOINED AIESEC Iasi! The best decision ever 🙂
  • 22 – Learned how to mix school with AIESEC and with friends. All 3 aspects of her life needed time… She said goodbye to her first love, knowing that it will always be somewhere there, in a corner of the heart and of the mind 🙂 Being a kid wasn’t an option anymore!
  • 23 – the year of being LCVP… part of a great team, true friendship, people close to her heart 🙂 At the end of the term she cried knowing that nothing will ever compare with her experience in AIESEC Iasi… She also learned, in another context, that the world can be a very dark and cruel place, that people sometimes smile to you and then they stab you in the back, enjoying your pain to the fullest!
  • 24 – the year of THE TEAM! She had the incredible luck to be around incredible people… that became great friends… Every one of them is different, but so dear to her heart!
  • 25 – well… she is experiencing Ghana now… a great place to enjoy a great part of the AIESEC experience…

Tomorrow I will be 25 🙂 I will spend my morning (whenever that will be) in Accra Mall, with a big latte and warm coconut doughnuts… At this moment in time I don’t want anything else… After that I don’t know… but I am sure something will come up… there is always something happening in Ghana 😛

Me happy!




18 responses

9 10 2009

foarte tare, Alex!! :))
m-am amuzat copios citind povestea vietii tale (tumultoase:p)
un inceput promitator, fara indoiala si cu siguranta viitorul iti va surade! 😉
te pup cu drag!!
ne vedem acasa curand!:*

9 10 2009

Mersi mult Lau 😛 Si eu sunt sigura ca viitorul imi va surade 🙂 Sunt inconjurata de oameni minunati, si atat timp cat va am alaturi, nimic nu poate merge rau 😀 Ti pup

9 10 2009

cute Alex…you make the distance seem meaningless. mai rezista ca mai ai putin :-)))

9 10 2009


9 10 2009

La Multi Ani!!! Alex

9 10 2009

Multumesc multumesc 😛

9 10 2009

Such an inspiring post. Este ciudat oarecum, ca nimic din ce ai scris mai sus nu mi se pare surprinzator..It’s so you!

La multi ani draga mea! Iti doresc ani plini de impliniri, challenge-uri si prieteni apropiati. Cu mult soare si zambete frumoase.:)


13 10 2009

Multumesc mult Andra 😀 Sper sa ne vedem in Decembrie, fie in Vienna, fie in Iasi. Mi-e dor de tine. Mi-e dor sa vorbesc cu tine fata in fata. :* Avem asa de multe de povestit 😛 Cafeaua nu e obligatorie 😛 Ti pup

9 10 2009
Diana Iamandi

La multi ani draga Alex!!
Iti doresc sa ajungi sa scrii “100 random things about Alexandra” si sa fii fericita in fiecare zi!
Ti pup 🙂

13 10 2009

Multumesc mult Diana 🙂 Nu stiu daca voi ajunge chiar la 100 😛 Important e sa ii am pe cei dragi aproape 🙂 Ne vedem la AIESEC Christmas Party? Sper ca da 🙂 Ti pup :*

9 10 2009

La multi ani draga mea si toata fericirea din lume!!! Te pup si o experienta cat mai incredibila!!! :*

13 10 2009

Multumesc mult Mali 🙂 Ti pup cu dor si sa ne vedem cu bine, acum nu mai stiu in ce colt de lume 😛

10 10 2009

La multi ani, Alecs! Ti pup, Dana

13 10 2009

Multumesc mult de tot 🙂 Ce mai faci? Sper ca toate sunt bune si frumoase 🙂 Nu am mai vb nici cu Andreea 😦 Ultimile vesti sunt legate de nunta Oanei din mai 😛 Ti pup

12 10 2009

La Multi Ani Alexa! Sunt fidela blogului tau de calatorii si parca traiesc alaturi de tine tot ce ti se intampla. Iti doresc tot binele din lume! pupici!!!!

13 10 2009

Multumesc multumesc 🙂 Ti pup si sper sa ne vedem cand vin in Iasi 🙂

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