12 10 2009

Yes, I am addicted. I confess. The first thing I do in the morning is checking my Gmail account and then the facebook updates. It’s the way I keep in touch with the world. I confess that only after doing it I check CNN and the other website that provide news and information.

I don’t have internet at home so my workplace is the place where I do all this things. Here is where I have the time and the space… I don’t feel guilty about it because it doesn’t interfere at all with my work. I am doing both and still have time to get bored from time to time!

Coming back to work on Monday morning and opening my Gmail account, I had the nice surprise to discover that my friends all wrote birthday wishes on my facebook wall. So naturally I wanted to access it and thank to the beautiful people that made my day wonderful all of a sudden!

SURPRISE SURPRISE…  “This web page was blocked because it is considered inappropriate.”!!!! „REASON: Social Networking” … I work in an advertising agency…. so I can’t stop asking myself how come social media is considered inappropriate HERE?!!!

Web Filter

When I asked what is happening… they told me that it will be like this for the next 2 or 3 weeks… I still hope it’s a joke… I am in Ghana for 2 more months… I want to be able to read my friends blogs and tweets, I want to be able to check facebook every day, I want to see my birthday card from Cosmina… and the list may go on…

From my desk… the next 2 weeks look really really sad! No Facebook, no LinkedIn, no wordpress, no blogger, no Twitter… NO NO NO… Thank God I can still use Gmail… I should take advantage while I can… Who knows… They might decide it is inappropriate too!

Me sad!!!

PS: I am sorry I can’t answer to all the wonderful people that wished me happy birthday 😦 I had a wonderful morning reading all the messages 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂

PPS: I asked a friend to access my blog and post this… I hate not being in touch with the world!




One response

14 10 2009

Hey. Incearca sa intri pe facebook folosind adresa IP.

Poate merge 🙂

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