It started exactly 4 years ago… My AIESEC story :)

13 10 2009

aiesec-iasiThere are moments in life when luck hits you, just like that… You don’t really realize it in that specific moment, but thinking about it later, you are able to identify it, the time, the minute, the second!

4 years ago, 13th day of October, I was in front of Al. I Cuza University, building B. It was 8 pm and I was meeting there some friends from “Alianta Studentilor Romani”.  I was in my second year of studies.

On the stairs of the building I met Bogdan Radu. We were classmates in high school. He told me that AIESEC was recruiting members and that Friday, (the next day), it was the last day I could apply. I had to give in my application form before 4 pm if I wanted to have the chance to JOIN them. I wasn’t content with my studies. I felt that something was missing in the curricula. There was no practice involved, and I needed a place where I could both learn and practice. AIESEC was the perfect place for me, a normal student in the Faculty of Philosophy, Public Relations and Social Communication section.

My first contact with AIESEC was the spring before, during the Career Days Fair. I liked that fair but I never imagined that I would be part of the organizing team of the 2006 edition.

I went in my dorm room, I searched on the internet more information about AIESEC and I filled my application form, thinking all the time what are the perfect words, what should I write,  how can I put myself on some A4 sheets of paper! The result was far from perfect. Just like me 😛

I still remember the interview. I remember Arrea and Andreea G. I remember the emotion when seeing my name on that New Members list. Checking it twice just to make sure it’s my name…

The first LC Meeting, applying for OCVP for Career Days, being PR Manager, organizing the Local Planning Meeting, the pirates team :P, running for LCVP and not being able to speak English for the entire Q&A session, my friends singing happy birthday (the AIESEC version :P) after the 2007 Big Picture, and the list may go on and on… So many tiny tiny moments that became big, than huge… I am who I am today because of the moments I spent in AIESEC Iasi, because of the people I met there, because of the friends and the smiles, the good moments and the bad moments, the emotion, the constant thoughts “what if something goes wrong”, “how can we make this great?”…

I remember my first team, my 4 right hands: Bogdan, Catalina, Elena and Paul, the members of my department, the EB team 🙂 Tuku and the B606 magazine idea, Elena and Paul running for LCVP Communication, both of them being absolutely amazing… Me crying at the end of the day, being happy that I am not the one that has to make the final choice!

How can somebody put in words all the emotion? All the memories? All the feelings? I know I can’t! AIESEC is a wonderful world 🙂 It’s not a perfect world, but what is perfection?

For me AIESEC was the space where I learned incredible many things, made new friends, developed skills, gathered strength, became courageous…

Thank you AIESEC Iasi and AIESEC Romania 🙂

Me happy




2 responses

23 10 2009
Mariana Calin

And I was thinking that I moved on…but with this post you brought back so many memories 🙂

Huge Romanian hugs!

23 10 2009

:* Si daca stau sa ma gandesc esti omul care a contribuit cel mai mult ca experienta mea in AIESEC sa fie asa de frumoasa :*

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