Just another ordinary morning in Accra :)

15 10 2009

I woke up at 6 am Ghanaian time. Of course I woke up 3 other times during the night just to make sure that my wet clothes are still on the rope outside. My caretaker’s wife warned me that somebody might try to steal my clothes during the night… what she said was enough for me to lose my sleep 😛

Boiled the water for the shower, took the shower, washed my teeth, and changed my clothes 2 times (first I put on a dress than I remembered that I am going to Kaneshie market today and wearing that specific dress when it’s windy is entertaining for the people watching me!). Today it’s not the day when I want to entertain 😛

I left the house at 7:03 feeling sleepy and with my hair still wet. I can never dry it properly; the air is too humid here… My house is on a little street with nice trees. On my way to the main street I saw a man with 3 small kids heading to the nursery gate. 2 boys and one girl in blue uniforms 🙂 The little girl smiled at me and made my day in the process. Her hair was braided really nice and she looked so proud of herself in her blue dress.  So like this I got my first smile for today. 🙂

I reached the main street, tried to cross it, almost got ran by a car… One minute later somebody “tssss” at me. This is a specific Ghanaian sound, made by people when they want to gain someone’s attention. I hate it. I see a man in a DSTV car. My agency works with DSTV, so I automatically assumed that he knows me 🙂 Of course not, he just wanted to offer me a ride… and I said yes 🙂 His name was Arnold… and this was our entire conversation. When I got out of the car and said thanks, he just told me with a smile on his face “I like your colour!” Well…Thank you 🙂

One minute after I got out of the car, the “Bread and Condense milk lady” tssses at me. I bought my breakfast, she told me she was looking for me yesterday but she hasn’t seen me. 2 minutes later I meet the “Orange Lady”. I buy two oranges and keep going 🙂


I reached the agency at 7:35, with a big smile on my face, my breakfast in a black bag and ready to start my day 🙂 These small small things made my morning. I love the fact that I can find everything I want on the side of the road. I like it that people smile at me even if they don’t know me. I admire the women that sell different things on the side of the road, carrying them on their heads. I could never do something like this!

I will miss it. I have two more months in Ghana. It’s up to me to make the best of my experience here 🙂

Me happy 😛

PS: I still don’t have access to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and many other social networking websites 😦 It seems that some kind of device broke and it takes 2 or 3 weeks for the IT Department to fix it 😦 Eben gave me access to wordpress but this is all he can do :((




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