One of those days…

23 10 2009

Today I miss my family… Today I miss my friends… I miss Romania… I miss good bread… I miss being able to go to the corner supermarket and just buy a good sandwich… I miss taking care of my plants… I miss my cat… and my room… the hot water and the blue bathroom… my shampoo brand which I couldn’t find here so far… I miss my library and the soft pillows from my favorite chair… I miss Delicious DANONE with strawberry… and many other things…

Today I am homesick! Again!

It’s my father’s birthday so I think this is the cause. I am sure my mother made his favorite apple cake with lots and lots of cream… Although I prefer the chocolate one, I would kill for a piece… and for the chance to sit in my parents’ huge kitchen and have a laugh with them…

I called my father in the morning and he joked saying that his girls and his nephew are near and that my mother is far away, in the garden… Well, I am just a continent away… I guess the distance isn’t that big 😛

This week was a weirdish one… The time went by so slowly… I had a lot to work and although it was fun I feel like it’s a never ending story… I want December to come faster. I want to go to Vienna and to Locarno, visit my friends and my sister, buy a new IPod Nano to replace the one that was stolen…

What I wish right now it’s impossible for today but I still can’t help it… I am happy we are going to Ada Foah tomorrow… the beach will be great… and the sun… and the water… There are 31 Celsius degrees in Accra but somehow I miss the autumn in Romania… We always want what we can’t have and that makes us unhappy… Well… I am homesick and I can’t help it!

A few days ago two Romanian girls wrote to me and asked me about how life in Ghana is. They might come here with AIESEC 🙂 The Romanian group is getting bigger I guess… and here I am, having one of those days… when I just want to leave…

Soon enough… I guess 😐




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