My 50 days of summer :)

27 10 2009

A small piece of my heaven

Yes…I have 50 more days of summer… 50 days to enjoy the sun… 50 more days to enjoy the Ghanaian culture… 50 more days to spend with my friends…

50 days to discover and see what I didn’t in the last 119 days 🙂

50 days to get tanned… otherwise I won’t be able to say that I spent half a year in Ghana… 50 days to eat all the pineapple and papaya I can so I won’t miss it very much at home… 50 more days to enjoy cold showers and plantain…

7 more Friday’s in Champs… 7 more Thursday’s in Ryan’s Irish pub… 7 more weekends… n opportunities to have fun… to laugh… to enjoy… 50 more days of summer 😛

My rules for the next 50 days:

  1. No more homesickness! (this is the hardest to respect)
  2. No more counting down the days! (Well at least I can try :P)
  3. Spend enough time with the friends I made here 😀
  4. Make sure I visit everything I haven’t so far… like Togo or Cote d’Ivoire 🙂
  5. Don’t leave the shopping for the last week… this is so me 😛

I have 50 more days of summer 😀 I better make them count 😛

Me happy 😛




4 responses

27 10 2009

no matter how teinted u ll be after africa ppl in europe will keep on telling u how white u r
i guess they expect u to come back as a big black mama :D…just because u were in africa…
every single person was surprised about my white skin…”man why r u so white. I thougth u were in africa?!” D*** u ppl;)

so have fun trying

27 10 2009

I will… I will :):*… The weather was really nice last weekend and we went to Ada Foah… but I am exactly the way u left me… Hugs :*

28 10 2009

This is such a positive post and I love your attitude now Alexandra! Have a lot of fun in your next 50 days and enjoy your Ghanaian experience to the max! Hugs from Oslo!

28 10 2009

:* Thank you, I am doing my best 😀 Hugs

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