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3 11 2009

Coming to Ghana I discovered that people here speak more than 5 local languages. Depending on the region we have Twi, Ga, Ewe, Fanti, Hausa and some that I will probably never hear about. In my first weeks here, I was trying to remember all the names and the faces, and believe me… it wasn’t easy at all… it’s still not easy…

day.shirtsWhen I met Sesie, (one of my colleagues), the first thing he asked was in which day of the week I was born… I believed the question was weird but the polite thing to do was to answer… Well now… my name is Akua… It means Wednesday in Twi… or child born on Wednesday. I told him I don’t like the name and now he calls me “10th October”. I think I prefer Akua better but I lost my chance 😛 I call him “23rd October” in return, just for fun 😛

I was talking with William and Sahil and we were laughing that everybody knows a Kofi in Ghana 😛 Most probably because most men are born on Friday…

So, in case you want to name your future children in Twi and according to the day of the week they will be born… here are the names for boys and girls 🙂

  • Monday: Kojo for boys and Adjoa for girls
  • Tuesday: Kwabena for boys and Abena for girls
  • Wednesday: Kweku for Boys and Akua for girls 😛
  • Thursday: Yaw for boys and Yaa for girls
  • Friday: Kofi for boys and Afia for girls
  • Saturday: Kwame for boys and Ama for girls
  • Sunday: Kwesi for boys and Akosua for girls

Me praying for Coco to get healthy!




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26 11 2011

my name is Akua…:)

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