Malaria? No… just a false alarm :)

12 11 2009

And thank God for that!

I think I am becoming paranoid. In the last couple of days I was feeling feverish and cold, I had really bad headaches and short moments of dizziness. 5 minutes I was freezing, the next 5 I wanted to move in a fridge… These are some of the symptoms normally associated with malaria, and after my only experience with a doctor here, a doctor who from the same symptoms draw the conclusion that I have malaria and treated me for it, I became worried.

I am in Ghana for more than 4 months now and I didn’t take the pills to prevent it. It’s not healthy to take them for more than 4 months and since my internship is for 6 I decided that I won’t take the pills. I may be irresponsible, but I prefer to take treatment 4 days instead of 6 months, daily or once a week.

Remembering Raluca’s story about her friend that spent a year in Africa, taking the pills daily, and then got Malaria 4 days before his departure, I now have nightmares about getting malaria in my last day in Ghana. Last night I dreamed that I wanted to get in the plane and they didn’t let me in because I looked like I had it…

This morning I woke up being grateful that my mother packed all the medicine I have with me. She is a sweetheart 🙂 Now I feel a lot better… and hopefully my paranoia will also disappear 😛

Me staying healthy 🙂




2 responses

12 11 2009

Frate, sa nu vii aici bolnava 😀 Stiu ca nu e contagioasa da totusi 🙂

(daca e, te asteptam cu H1N1 ca avem deja peste 1000 de cazuri 🙂 )

13 11 2009

Nu am nici cea mai mica intentie sa fiu bolnava cand ajung in Viena 🙂 Prea multe lucruri de vorbit, vazut, facut 😛 Ti pup si ai grija sa nu fii nici tu bolnava 😛 Nu as vrea sa fii racita sau ceva de genul asta, specific anotimpului 😛

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