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16 11 2009

I reached today (Friday, 13 of November 2009) a very important conclusion! I am arrogant. Not all the time but I am. In my arrogance, after almost 5 months of being in Ghana I actually believed I will go home without getting malaria and without taking the pills to prevent it. I was so proud of myself, thinking how I will brag about it… as if there is something to brag about!

Anyway Friday 13! I am usually not superstitious but I believe in things like Friday or Tuesday 13 and in the fact that annoying things may happen. So I woke up in the morning, really tired and with a horrible headache. A few days ago I was really proud that I don’t have malaria. Not that I had any tests. But I wasn’t feeling bad anymore, the fever disappeared with Fervex and I was quite ok.

Reaching the office I was feeling really sleepy and my headache was more and more horrible. I couldn’t stand the light and my eyes hurt. I even fell asleep a few times, for a couple of minutes. Jody suggested going to the clinic and having a test for malaria. After taking 2 Nurofen painkillers without any results I finally decided to go and take the test.

And surprise surprise… I have Malaria! The test was positive. I started laughing. Why me and why now… Bloody mosquito… I do hope I killed it! I am like… God, in less than 5 weeks I am leaving! Couldn’t this never happen? Guess no… So now I am taking the treatment. It’s not as bad as I expected it… Maybe it’s because it’s the first day. I did hear some horrible stories! Tomorrow I will note again my impressions 😛

Long live Ghana and death to all the mosquitoes in the world!

Malaria Day 2!

Jody said I had Malaria! The doctor said I have Malaria. The blood test said I have Malaria! But the question remains! Do I have Malaria?

I don’t feel that bad at all. It’s more like having a cold. Either the pills were really effective and I will never have to feel the worse of it, or my immune system is a freaky one and doesn’t allow malaria to do its worse! Last night I even went to Sahil’s party and I had a great time; everybody was like… you don’t look like you have Malaria! The only thing unusual is that I woke up this morning after 10, which never happened in Ghana so far, with a mild headache which passed after I took the malaria treatment… The only thing different is that I drink a lot of water. That’s it!

I think I am a freak of nature… Lucky me!

Malaria Day 3!

I feel as healthy as ever… and I even have a theory. I think my malaria did its worse 2 weekends ago when I believed I had food poisoning. Thinking now about the symptoms… it may be it! I was really really sick for 3 days… Now I am just going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday… Malaria free 😀

Evening Day 3!

I slept the entire afternoon, which never happens. I drank 4 liters of water in less than 3 hours and I am still thirsty… But I also feel rested which I haven’t felt in weeks 🙂 I guess I should feel lucky that I took the treatment in time… People died because of this!

Me ready to go back to work 😛

PS: Monday… I hate Mondays… I am back at the office and I had the weirdest dream last night… It’s enough to say my cousin was a talking horse… A very ugly talking horse! It must be the side effects of the treatment… But I am positive that I am malaria free now… and that the headache will go away!




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17 11 2009

Alexandra mama, am ras cu lacrimi…desi nu e nimic de ras :|….Dar ai darul povestirii…Ma bucur sa aud ca te simiti bine. Long live Ghana and death to all the mosquitoes in the world!

“I am back at the office and I had the weirdest dream last night… It’s enough to say my cousin was a talking horse… A very ugly talking horse! ” O Doamne :)))

17 11 2009

Deviza mea e ca viata e mult mai frumoasa cand faci haz de necaz 😛 Ma bucur ca ti-a placut povestea mea si ca te-a facut sa razi 🙂 Ti pup

17 11 2009

ok, everybody who had malaria before could have told you straight from the beginning that you had malaria…

actually I have also thought I had food poisoning (its pretty easy to think that in Ghana – there is always something strange you ate in last days) but when I got fever and crazy dreams I was clear 🙂

and that crazy talking horse dream is great… thats nearly in the same league as Aquas crazy dreams 😀

enjoy, I kinda envy how you fell in love with Ghana… me and Ghana became friends but not lovers… maybe I should give it one more chance…

byes and enjoy all the things you can fit in your last month

18 11 2009

Lovers… 😛 Maybe you should give Prague a real chance before you give Ghana another one 🙂 We talked about you last evening. Ivan has a great way of telling stories… now I know why Pedro doesn’t like me 😛 Hugs

29 06 2010
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