The things I am thankful for…

23 11 2009

We celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend. William got up on Sunday at 5:30 am and started cooking. Lidia joined him and thanks to them I had the first and the best Thanksgiving ever 🙂 They actually cooked 2 turkeys and all kind of delicious dishes that are traditional for this holiday. I stayed in the kitchen and I learned a few secrets just by watching them and Stella and of course tasting the food to make sure it’s perfect 😛

When William sent us the invite he made a very nice parallel between the pilgrims that went to North America and us, interns discovering a new world, completely different than anything we were used too, at least in my case: “Thanksgiving is a time in the United States when families and friends come together. But originally it was about a group of people who left home to face adversity in a new world. This may be the perfect holiday to celebrate our own achievements in this new world.”

It felt wonderful to gather all of us, together. More than 20 people from so many different countries. For a moment I felt like home, celebrating Christmas with my family. Thinking about what I am thankful for, I started remembering all the adventures I had here… and believe me… life in Ghana is an adventure… every single day! And every single day this group of wonderful people stood by me, laughing, making fun, listening my complains, sharing a drink, sharing a meal, giving an advice! And I am thankful that I came to Ghana and met them. And I know that my experience here wouldn’t have been the same without them!

Thank you:)




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