The 3 days weekend

30 11 2009

We had a 3 days weekend. Friday was a national holiday so everybody had the day off. It will be the same next week 🙂 Most of the interns went travelling to Wli Waterfall or Axim Beach. I have already been to Wli and Axim is too far and I am too lazy, so William and I stayed at his house and hang out… which was really restful 🙂

What’s so great about William’s and Sahil accommodation is that they live in this huge 2 floor house that is really clean. And when I see clean I mean the red dusts seems to stay away somehow 🙂 And they also have Stella, which cooks great and takes care of everything 🙂

The weekend was without great events 🙂 On Friday we went and saw “The time traveler’s wife” We had to choose between it and “New Moon” and I read so many bad reviews about New Moon that we decided that no matter what, “The time traveler’s wife” must be a lot better. And it was…

During the weekend William made Christmas Cards to send to his friends in US and I read and watched movies… I almost got lost in Sahi’s bathroom, which is bigger than my room, but otherwise everything was great 😛

Of course the weekend couldn’t finish without me learning something new about the way things are done in Ghana. While I was waiting the tro tro to go home, I saw this car with a water tank. They were washing certain portion of the street. Nothing interesting so far… till I saw the way they spread the water on the street. There was this man in the back of the tank that opened the water tap and kept his hand there in order to make the water spread wider… I call this creative thinking 🙂 Why keep it normal when you have the chance to amaze an obrouni girl on the side of the road 😛

Me ready to start a new week 🙂 As in a 4 days one 😛




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