Dear Ghana,

1 12 2009

It’s time for me to leave… I am sure you have noticed how restless I have been in the last weeks. I am sure you were aware of my desire to fly away to colder areas of this world 😛 You don’t have to take it personal. It’s just the way I am, terribly attached to my family and friends 🙂 and kind of inpatient most of the time!

Hello/Goodbye/See u soon?/Whatever 😛

I want to thank you. You have been truly amazing and this has been the biggest adventure of my life. I will miss you. I will miss the things you have shown me, I will miss the friends I made with your help. I will miss places and people and plantain… the fried one is the best 🙂 I am thinking about packing some to get with me but since I am stopping in Vienna for a few days, it’s kind of impossible 🙂

I guess I could make a list with the things I will miss… but it will be kind of big and you will get bored reading it 🙂 It’s enough to say that with both good and bad, you more than overcame all my expectations 🙂 I am returning back home more mature and more aware of myself, and this my friend… is the biggest achievement of them all 🙂

You were a very interesting friend. You made me hate you, and then love you, and then hate you, and then love you… and now I am confused 😛 And we both know how much Ghanaians love this word. For the (soon to be) almost 6 months that I have spent in here you were a brother, a sister, a friend, an enemy, a mother, a father… not exactly a lover but it was close 😛 Because of you I experienced so many feelings and it was a wonderful journey 🙂

I will not invite you in Romania! I don’t want to hurt your feeling but you are kind of a big mama and you will not fit in the plane… or in the country! But I am taking back home with me things that only you could give! And I am grateful to you for that 🙂

You are probably asking yourself why I am writing to you this letter, when I have 2 more weeks to enjoy you… I don’t know… it just felt like the right thing to do… or maybe because the mail is so slow around these parts. My friends sent me a Birthday card in October and I still didn’t get it… 🙂

This being said I wish you well. I may come back sometime in the future, who knows 🙂 When I do, I do hope to find you bigger and merrier 🙂

That pain in the ass intern that hasn’t always been your friend!

PS: If you have any tips and tricks for my last 2 weeks here please write 🙂 Even if I will not get your letter in the end 😛

PPS: I attached a picture in case you don’t remember me… with so many interns I am sure you are having a hard time 😛




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