My first TVC Shoot :)

3 12 2009

And probably my last 🙂 As I probably have mention before I am doing my internship in a full service advertising agency. Yesterday we had a TV Commercial shoot for one of our clients that produces textiles 🙂 I wasn’t supposed to be there but who can resist a curious obroni that is leaving soon 🙂

So I went. I spent around 7 hours there. At the beginning everything was more than interesting. The dresses, the models, the director giving instructions and saying “Again”, and then “Again”, and then “Again”. “Action!”

I had fun 🙂 Of course after 3 hours spent snooping around I kind of got bored 😛

The location was in this amazing residential area in East Legon. My colleagues told me that the cheapest house there is about 440.000 dollars. It was like I wasn’t even in Ghana. It looked like Beverly Hills in the movies. I can’t even compare it with Kaneshie. No red dust anywhere!

Another aspect that was funny to watch was the make-up set. There was this huge table with so much make-up that I felt like in the make-up heaven. And at every 5 minutes the make-up artists (3 of them) where making sure that the girls were ok, not to shiny, shiny enough and so on… I have changed my opinion about models. I got tired just looking at them. It looks quite hard to spend your day wearing these huge heels and dresses so tight that you need help to get up. And to spend 10 – 12 hours like that. This isn’t an easy job my friends.

And then arranging the scenes and the lights… Moving the furniture, making sure the cables are on the right spot… All this kind of details that if they are in the wrong place, they can ruin everything 🙂

Yep, so now I know how they are shooting TVC’s in Ghana. I don’t know if the information will prove useful any time soon but I had satisfied my big big curiosity 🙂

The day ended with an event that I became used with by now. Somebody stopped their car, told me they have seen me around and that I am beautiful… and that of course we should meet. When I said I am leaving soon the guy told me its ok, he will visit me in my home country…. Of course, why not!

Me happy 🙂




2 responses

3 12 2009

Hahaha… Le aduci alor tai o surpriza… un negru? 😀 Cum frangi tu inimile mai, pe acolo prin Ghana, ceva de speriat 🙂

3 12 2009

Poate data viitoare 😛 Nu cred ca eu atrag pe toata lumea, mai degraba pasaportul 😛 Prima intrebare in 60% din cazuri: “Esti din US?”, a doua “Esti din Germania?” :p

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