How would you feel to have a monkey as a pet?

7 12 2009

On Friday we went with Lucia to visit a family that owns a school in Accra. Lucia needed some pictures for her postcards 🙂 We arrived there and we were surrounded by kids in less than a minute, although it was a national holiday and everybody had the day off.

Lucia took the pictures and then we went and had a chat with the school owners. They have a monkey as a pet 🙂 A quite aggressive monkey if you ask me 😛 I understood that it’s not common at all to have a monkey as a pet in Ghana and it was so much fun to watch the monkey jumping around.Nobody stood too close to it, not even the owners. When I wasn’t careful enough she grabbed my skirt. It happened so fast I didn’t even have the time to see it. Lucia took some pictures to freeze the moment 🙂


Later on we went to Champs and I must say it was the best Friday in Champs ever. The karaoke singers were amazing, I felt like Beyonce, Kanye West and Gloria Gaynor came to entertain us.

Ivan left yesterday. It was the last trip to the airport before my departure next week. Oh, how I will miss these wonderful people that I spent my last 5 months and a half with. William cooked turkey again and we had a kind of “Goodbye lunch” and then spent the last 3 hours with Ivan at the airport bar. I feel this weird emotion when I think about my very soon departure and when I think about the friends I have here. How each one of us goes to a separate way… At the beginning of my internship I told myself that I refuse to cry in Ghana. I have a feeling I will cry the Wednesday after this one!

Me happy!




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