This is it!

17 12 2009

This morning’s feelings:

“I am in Dubai. Just for the next 2 hours. And it feels weird. My gate is number 221 which is situated 5 meters to a McDonalds. I don’t feel tempted in any way. It’s weird because in the last 5,5 months I complained lots and lots of time about the fact that there is no McDonalds in Ghana. I used to talk with Tanja about how the first thing we’re going to do when we leave Ghana is stop in a McDonalds!

The last 3 days feel like so far away. Ghana feels so far away. It’s like a fairytale. Once upon a time there was a girl that decided to do something crazy and go to Ghana. Not that going to Ghana is something crazy. This particular girl going to Ghana is something crazy. When you are the baby of the family for 20 years of your life, and the spoilest person for 25, going to Ghana just like that is something crazy. And don’t trust all you read on the internet if you ever decide to overcome your limits in Africa. The info is never enough :)!

But this is it. I am back to my idea of civilization. I am back to McDonalds, hot showers and feeling totally safe. It doesn’t feel like it’s me against the world anymore… And I can’t believe there are so many obrouni around me (white people :P) Yesterday I was surrounded by obibini, and today there isn’t even one in my proximity. And it feels weird. I guess I can call it reintegration.

I was so close to crying on Tuesday night. It was my farewell party, sort of. And every hug and every kiss was telling me that I might not see these wonderful people ever in my life. These were people that made my cry and laugh, smile with joy, feel embarrassed, people that teased me like hell. These were the people that helped me grow as a person 🙂 I said again and again that I will miss them. And it’s true. I already miss them so much!

William, Sahil, Lidia and Sushil came at the airport yesterday. I ate fried rice with chicken for the last time, and I had my last Blue Skies: pineapple, mango and passion fruit. Tanja was the last person I spoke on the phone before my departure.

It’s never easy to say good bye.

It’s so hard now to make peace with 2 feelings that are so different. I am sad to leave Ghana behind and so excited that I am moving on. Not that I know where I am going 😛 I am going to Vienna for 5 days but that’s not where I am going…

This is it! The ending of a love affair! A love affair with a country, with people, with ideas… A love affair with a house, a job, a street… A love affair with a part of me that I only just discovered…This is it! And quoting a singer I don’t remember the name… It’s never the right time to say good bye…

But I guess this is what it must be… a Good bye!”




5 responses

17 12 2009
Mariana Calin

My brave girl:)
I can imagine the feelings and the thoughts in your mind these days
Take care and enjoy home!
Hugs, miss you!!

18 12 2009


18 12 2009

Mama Alexandra, super experienta ai avut, f tare! Pup.

24 12 2009
Diogo Wahnon

I’ve just read ALL your blog entries! I loved it! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!
By the way, I’m an AIESECer looking for an internship in Ghana! After reading this I just can’t wait for the big challenge to come!


25 12 2009

I am very happy you like my bog 🙂 Ghana was an amazing experience for me 🙂 Good look looking for your internship 🙂

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