The “Belgrade Special” Experience!

28 01 2010

Sunday 🙂 I arrived in Bucharest with 1 hour and a half delay which was ok, more time for me to sleep. I met Andreea in the train station, we used to be roommates in college, and we headed toward the area where they sell the tickets for international trains. I am using a Balkan Flexi Pass but we still needed to buy the seats together.

Our train left at 21:05 pm and here is when the fun part began! We are travelling with the Belgrade Special train. And the experience was supposed to be “special”, but of course we complained. Let me tell you why 😀

Heading towards the train we noticed how nice the train wagons that were heading to Timisoara looked like so we got really excited. When it’s freezing outside you are happy to know you will spend your time in a warm nice looking place. Well, this is where the “special” part began. After the Timisoara heading wagons we saw the special ones that go to Belgrade. It felt like the communism was back. We got inside, found our places and we couldn’t help noticing the snow inside the train, the footprints marks on the seat, the dirty floor and the cold meant to make our experience unforgettable! We started laughing and asking ourselves where the plug in for the laptop is so we could see a movie! :))

Our lovely international ride!

So the Belgrade Special offer form the Romanian railway isn’t that special after all! They should be careful when they set expectations for their clients… you don’t call a dirty cold train special!!! At least in my opinion 😛 But I may be wrong!

Anyways when the person that checks the tickets came we asked him about the snow so nicely set around the inside of the window… He told us that CFR is encouraging the connection between people and nature 😛 He was joking of course. He was a really nice man and suggested us to move in the Timisoara wagons until we get to Timisoara, and then move back in when we reach it. So we did! Warm and looking nice… no footprints on the seats and it seem the connection between the nature and the people is not encouraged here. No snow anywhere inside 😀

We are in Belgrade for about 4 days now and it is beautiful :)If you ever have the chance to come here, do it. You will love it, I am sure 🙂 Just don’t take the “Belgrade Special” train 😛

Me happy 🙂

The fortress 🙂


A special part of Belgrade 🙂




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