And it’s a MATCH!

5 03 2010

Hello beautiful people…

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while… Like I said in my first post here, I didn’t have a blog before Ghana because I didn’t think I had anything exciting to talk about… and the last 2 months were kind of like that… Like a holiday that you don’t really need or want… I read too much, watched too many movies, ate too many sweets, slept too much… and the list can go on and on. But not anymore!

So here we go again… at the beginning of a new and beautiful adventure. How do I know that it’s going to be beautiful…? I can smell it… I already feel it in my bones… So YES… I AM GOING TO INDIA. For one year. I am going to work for the company/corporation that had the best presentation at the AIESEC International Congress in 2008 in Brazil :), and in the AIESEC IC before that one :), and probably at every AIESEC IC since they became an AIESEC partner 🙂  AIESECers know what I am talking about 😛 I still remember thinking back then that it would be amazing to have an internship in Alcatel-Lucent… Have I mention that purple is one of my favourite colours? 😛


I chosen 4th of May for my “baba” (I don’t know if “old woman” is the right word here :P). In Romania there is this tradition. You have to choose a day between 1st and 9th of March to be your “baba”. And the word goes that your entire year is going to be like that day… I wanted to cheat… I choose 4th of March because my sister and my nephew were coming from Switzerland. And I knew that it will be a happy day, no matter the weather 😛 But it proved to be more than I expected. I got my call 🙂

I apologize to all my neighbors for all the screaming they heard yesterday around 7pm. It was just me getting excited for my good news 😛 It might happen again 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed because I am starting my visa procedures… I have to be in Gurgaon, India ASAP 🙂

Me happy 🙂

PS: I know I said I will do my best to choose Europe for my next adventure but India is just irresistible 😛




5 responses

7 03 2010

Felicitari si sunt sigura ca vei avea o experienta faina! Sa te bucuri din plin!
Btw bafta cu viza!
te pup

8 03 2010

Multumesc mult Diana 😀 Daca totul merge cum trebuie, pe 22 ar trebui sa fiu acolo 😀 Dar sa vedem 🙂 Ti pup

22 03 2010

Du-te naibii ca esti prea tare la faza asta!

28 03 2010


22 03 2010

si pe langa asta vroiam sa spun ca ma bucur pentru tine si pentru faptul ca dupa Africa , acum India. You rule! Abia astept sa vad primele poze.

Cheers to that!

p.s: Eu mananc la pranz numai mancare indiana.

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