Getting ready for India :)

28 03 2010

Since 4th of March I somehow started to get ready for India. More like surfing the internet, making a plan about how I would like my experience to evolve (I know it’s useless but still… I worked as project manager a while back 😛), I ask Sahil all kind of stupid questions (thank u :*) and so on 🙂

O… and I am constantly reading Romeo and Anca’s blogs 🙂 They are both in Mumbai. Romeo’s blog reminds me of my first weeks in Ghana and I love it. I know there will be plenty cultural challenges but right now I feel like the world is mine 😀

Last night I watched Outsourced and I am happy I did. I am sorry I didn’t watched it 2 weeks ago because I would have changed my plane tickets for May 😛 There is a scene there with a window glass that Todd was waiting for all the time and they installed it at the end, when the call center was closed down.  This peculiar scene reminded me that I still don’t have my visa although I have my plane ticked booked for next Friday. I still need a document from India… I already changed my plane ticked once… and I prey I will not have to do it again. I am kind of broke… But hey, my document is coming in 24 hours! But I discovered that 24 hours can mean 2 weeks, even more 😛 I just hope it will arrive on Monday, as in next Monday, as in tomorrow, as in 29th of March 🙂 I know everybody is doing their best so I haven’t lost hope yet 🙂

So yes, I am getting ready for India. I learned a lot from my previous experience in Ghana, so at least I will pack my bags better 😛

Me…  A little bit concerned and stressed but happy. Hopefully on 3rd of April I will know how coffee tastes in India 🙂

PS: Have I mentioned that is recruitment period in AIESEC Iasi? I think in most parts of the world there is recruitment in AIESEC so my advice for you: GO FOR IT. It will change your life forever 🙂




4 responses

28 03 2010

I need to warn you IST does not really mean Indian Standard Time. Most of the time it stands for Indian Stretchable Time :).

28 03 2010

That’s very good to know, thank you 😛

29 03 2010

hey Alexanda.

1. buy the lonley planet about india. It will help you a lot.
2. don’t expect to much about turkish coffe
3. watch Outsourced again after 2 weeks of India.
4. ENJOY!!!

Te pup.

29 03 2010

Multumesc 🙂 Ti pup si eu si ne vedem in Mumbai sau Delhi sau amandoua 😀

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