Crazy March :D

31 03 2010

Written at 5 pm 🙂

I am on my way to Iasi now, with my visa on my passport and my passport in my pocket, and this, my friends, is the best feeling ever. I had a very crazy month. A very very very crazy one….

On 4th of March I got matched. On 5th I already called the embassy and asked about visa procedures. Looking on what I needed for the visa, I booked my first ticket for 20 of March, thinking that I have enough time to get it. Of course I was wrong. When I was at the peak of my stress and thinking that I won’t get all the papers I need in time, BA decided to go on strike and they saved me more than 200 euro’s. Dear British Airways employees, thank you very much! 😀 Between all the people that were affected by your decision, there was one very happy girl that said thank you 🙂 They did changed my ticket without additional costs 😀 Isn’t that nice?

I booked my second ticket for 2nd of April thinking that this time it will be enough time to get all the documentation ready. Of course that I lost all hope last Friday when my application was still incomplete. But I got it all back somehow on Monday when I got the last document 😀 Monday night I was on my way to Bucharest, thinking of course at all the thing that might go wrong once I reach the embassy.

On Tuesday morning I was looking at the other people that were there to apply for the visa. The 2 girls in front of me couldn’t apply because there files were incomplete. They needed some documents from India in original (if that is the right term). You don’t want to imagine what was on my mind in that moment since I only had the scanned copies from the documents from AIESEC India and my TN Taker.  Anyway, I got in the front of the lady that was checking the files and the person that approves the visa came in the room. She showed him my file and they decided to give me the visa. And not just for six months but for one year :D. This happened although my passport expires in June 2011 so there aren’t at least 6 months between the end of my internship and my passport date of expire. So the bottom line is I don’t have to come back after 6 month and apply for the visa again.

I already love these people 😀

And I even caught the 5pm train to Iasi.  So my 2 days in Bucharest were happy days 😀 And I will get to have my first coffee in India with Sahil, on 3rd of April 😀

Me {(very + very + very) x 10.000 + very x N} happy 😀

PS: All I have to do now is figure out how I will take everything I need/want with me 🙂 So wish me luck 😀




4 responses

3 04 2010
Mariana Calin

Ce nebunie!! Ma bucur ca s-a terminat cu bine! Te pup cu drag, ce era mai greu a trecut 🙂 Abia asept vesti!! 😀

3 04 2010

🙂 Nici un soc cultural pana in acest moment. Singura faza e ca sunt moarta de somn 😛 Promit ca scriu un mail detaliat mai tarziu 🙂 Pup 😀

4 04 2010

Gooo, Alex! Ma bucur sincer pentru tine. Te pup

Long & great journey ahead! Cu toate panzele sus! 🙂

4 04 2010

:* Multumesc multumesc 🙂 Primele 2 zile au fost minunate 😀 Ti pup

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