6 04 2010

When I left my beautiful family, home, room and friends last Friday I was kind of worried. In the airport in Iasi actually it crossed my mind to call my dad and tell him that I have changed my mind and ask him to come for me… I gave myself a mental slap and remembered where I was going and why 🙂 Feeling scared isn’t a feeling I am used to and this time is a one year commitment, thank God for that 🙂

I spent 7 hours in Heathrow airport which gave me enough time to worry, eat, go shopping, watch other people, worry again, want to rob the Accessorize store and so on… I don’t like spending time alone in airports but I tried to focus on sounds and people, instead of worries and being scared 🙂

The flight to India was quite ok and then I finally got here 🙂 I got a little late and I didn’t see anybody waiting for me so I decided for a prepaid taxi 😀 It got me to the place I am living now, Oakwood estate 🙂 (Thank you Anca and Sahil for sharing the pre paid taxi info with me).

I recognized the apartment the moment I put my foot in it. Nobody was awake and the door was opened… and on the wall, the first thing I say was a handmade thing with Nigeria written on it… so I guess it had to be a trainee flat 🙂

I waited for Sahil but of course he was late (shame on you :P) and then I decided to go to sleep a little 🙂 He arrived around 2 pm and seeing him after such a long time felt really great. Having a friend welcoming you when you arrive in an unfamiliar place helps a lot with all the worries 🙂

I spent 2 amazing days with him and his friends. I ate some pretty amazing things, we laughed like crazy, remembered things from Ghana, discussing about cows rehabilitation centers :P, and a certain “Indian stare”…  From what I saw, Delhi is beautiful. I love green places, it makes me feel like home 🙂

On Sunday night I had to say good bye to Sahil. My first 2 days in India were his last 2. He went back to Ghana because he totally loves the food there and the fact that shopping is so much fun 😛 I am joking of course 😛

On Monday I had my first ride with a rickshaw and I decided that I want to go and come back to/from work like that every day. I was considering walking but there is too much dust and the heat is tormenting me little by little 🙂 I usually drink very little water, but since I arrived I am constantly thirsty and my lips are dry 🙂 But it’s not as bad as I expected to be, it just takes a little time to get used with it 🙂

In the end I just want to say I hope you all had a great Easter 🙂 I know I missed my family a lot and the red eggs and my friends 🙂 You are all so deep in my heart and nothing will ever change that :*

I am happy 🙂 and I love the feeling 🙂

Home is where your heart is... My heart is in 2 places now 🙂

PS: I will start taking photos this weekend so keep in touch 🙂




4 responses

6 04 2010

Hey 🙂 nu am somn si am vazut ca ai scris deja primele impresii… deci chestia aia verde e un mijloc de transport la ei? 🙂 nicee… ma bucur f tare ca esti incantata.. pup u

6 04 2010

😀 Chiar acum iti raspundeam la mail 😀 Sunt super incantata in momentulo de fata, dovada ca e ora 3 dimineata si nu am somn 🙂 Ala e un auto rickshaw, inca nu l-am incercat 😛 O sa va trimit poze cu tipul de rickshaw cu care ajung eu la serviciu 🙂 Ti pup

8 04 2010
Alex Negurici

Amzing start up. Can’t wait to see the photos. You lucky one 🙂

13 04 2010

fain!!! te astept in mumbai

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