Incredible India… Taj Mahal :D

11 04 2010

Yesterday it was my first week anniversary in India 😛 What a better way to celebrate it than visiting the Taj Mahal? I had a beautiful day with Diana and Fawzan in Agra, of course after the train ride that took us there… I won’t comment about trains in India. It is enough to say that after the 3 hours train ride I was dirty and tired. But we were there so nothing else mattered 🙂

The inside of an Indian train, sleeper vagon 🙂

They cool the train using some kind of fan 🙂

After we arrived in Agra, we booked a taxi for the day and we went directly to visit Taj 😀 The entrance fee is 750 rupees for foreigners and 20 rupees for Indians 😛 And its worth every rupee 🙂

We passed security, Diana had to throw her apple and her gum, and in a hurry we headed to see one of the New Seven Wonders of the World… You cannot imagine how exactly I felt the moment I saw the Taj Mahal. There is this expression “breath taking” … Yes, for a moment I stopped breathing. It’s just… you have to see it for yourself if you haven’t already 🙂

Taj Mahal 🙂

One of the beautiful gates 🙂

After Taj Mahal we visited this place where they make handmade carpets. It takes 4 months and a half to make a carpet like that and they sell it with 750$ (for one about 15m long). We watched the way they were doing one. There are 2 workers for each carpet and when they start a new row they are singing in order to make sure it looks exactly the same way from both sides of the carpet. Just incredible… The manager told us they don’t need to promote the place because they barely can handle the orders 🙂 It must be cool not to have to advertise your business 🙂

it takes 4 and a half months of hard work for one carpet...

On the way back the train was the same, except this time people came and asked to take pictures with me instead of just staring. The funny thing was that we took the wrong train and we only realized it when they came to check our tickets. . The bright part it’s that it was stopping in Delhi anyway.

Everything is so different compared with my first weeks in Ghana. In India, I felt somehow like home from the beginning and every day that passes makes me fell even happier 🙂 People are so nice, sometimes annoyingly nice 🙂 And about cultural shocks… well, I guess Ghana was the best education possible in the world, and I am more than grateful for that 😀

Me happy 😀




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14 04 2010

Is great to see again the world through your eyes! Hope to live something similar soon.

Take care of you, Alexandra!

14 04 2010
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