The firsts series :D

15 04 2010

So I decided to start a new series… “The firsts” … It will be about all the things that I am doing for the first time in India… well almost about all of them 😛 Some things are just better kept private 😛 Like the situation I am going through right now… but never mind… I am happy 🙂

I am going to have to move at the end of the month in this beautiful place called Hex Tax… it’s kind of far from Cyber Greens (ALU office),  but the apartment is beautiful 🙂 So tonight I went to see it… Dasha from Russia and Alessandra from Peru live there and me and Alice will move in 🙂

Dasha came visiting with a motorbike and she took me for a ride to see the apartment… and IT FELT GREAT…. We were going over 80 which probably isn’t much but when you are for the first time on a motorbike… 80 is a lot 🙂 And it was scary, and fun and I want to do it again and again… and again 😀

So I guess my problem with living far away from work is kind of solved… I am going to invest in a motorbike at the end of May… Traffic in India is scary but my mom and dad will never know 😛

Hopefully my kind of ride at the end of May 😀

So hugs to you all and let’s hope that finally I am going to register to FRRO tomorrow!

Me happy 🙂

PS: I guess going to Ghana was the first sign that I have adventure in my blood but facing the traffic in India on a motorbike ads a new dimension to the self I believed I knew!




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