Extra whitening!

2 05 2010

On Monday I had my first cultural shock in India. It’s not about being robbed, nobody attacked me, some people do stare but I am used with it by now… well almost used with it 😛

The story goes like this: I ran out of deodorant so I went to the store to buy one… First time in a cosmetic department in India… I was checking out the products and then it hit me… on more than 50% of the products exposed it was written “whitening effect”!!! Why challe, why?

For me it felt like an offence. I don’t know if Indian people feel that way. If I would have dark skin, I would probably kiss myself every day 😛 Well, maybe not… but who knows. I always thought that nobody wants to look like cheese. I look like cheese… In the sun I get reddish. It kind of takes a while for my skin to get an idea darker but I enjoy every time I get tanned. I have never used cosmetics to get darker though. In the end it is my skin and it’s a part of me that I learned to love and appreciate…

Extra whitening for my armpit!

So I got myself a liquid deodorant from Nivea. It has a whitening effect… Like anyone would care if my armpit is lighter than the rest of my body! But the idea of it… it’s just… I don’t know. I might be wrong about this… I can’t say that I understand Indian mentality by now…

Most people here are beautiful. A few days ago, going home, there was this rickshaw driver that gave me a ride. He had really dark skin and amazing blue eyes. I kept staring at him thinking about the wonders of nature. You don’t really see people with blue eyes and dark dark skin, unless they are wearing contacts… The man’s face was just breathtaking!

I also watched Mississippi Masala with Denzel Washington and Sarita Choudhury and at a certain time in the movie the main actress jokes about the color of her skin, hinting that she is to dark for a good marriage. I was like… ok, what’s with you people… The woman is very beautiful by the way! The movie is made in 1991 but looking at that shelf in the store with whitening effects products…

People have such different perceptions about beauty… I remember one of the comments my neighbors made when they heard I was going to Ghana last year: “People there are black and have big lips!” I was like… yes, and you are very beautiful just because your skin is white and you live in Romania!

You can never say that your perception of beauty is the right one but I am still amazed about the huge differences in various parts of the world. The only thing I can say is that I am happy to be me… Totally average looking in Romania and funny exotic in Ghana and India 😛

Me happy 😀

PS: I totally love my new home 😀 I just have to figure it out how to get to work… On Saturday I was lost for one hour, in the rain, with garbage flying all around me and crazy dust all over my body! One thing I don’t understand about India is why people pretend they know where a place is if they don’t!!!! I wanted to kill the rickshaw driver… A very good friend saved me in the end… Thank God for Friends!




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2 05 2010

“Like anyone would care if my armpit is lighter than the rest of my body” – If anyone is watching any person’s armpit that closely to identify a difference, its time to run away real fast because the person observing is a pervert and someone with too much time on hand. Probably such a person would be classified as mentally unbalanced :).

2 05 2010

Nice post Alexanda!!! I like your emotions, they are at high level :))

I have the same problem as you. I’m like a cheese in the sun:)

And btw. is it raining in New Delhi? my god, I don’t want that.. and monsoon is coming…. we need to travel somewhere where there is no rain. What do you say ? do we meet somewhere in India?

Te pup!!!

5 05 2010

Dragul meu Romeo :),

Pana in iunie nu prea o sa pot calatori 🙂 Dar ma gandeam ca ar fi frumos sa mergem undeva in nord 🙂 Am sa vb cu prietenii mei sa ne organizam 🙂 Tu unde ai vrea sa ne vedem? Undeva la jumatatea distantei dintre Delhi si Mumbai? 😀 Ti pup

2 05 2010

ahhh.. I forgot to tell you… I aslo like Owl City – Fireflies

3 05 2010

Ei girls with dark armpits can turn off some people-including me. This is not exclusive to India. It’s prevalent to other Asian countries too. I’m okay with it as long as people don’t kill themselves over it.

5 05 2010

Hi Ashley 🙂 I don’t know about that 🙂 I guess for me it doesn’t really matter… Beauty means different things in different eyes 🙂 Take care 🙂

6 05 2010
Romeo Man

Ciao Draga,

Pai am putea merge undeva in Nord de tot. Sa zicem Kashmir 🙂 undeva unde nu e asa periculos :). Am colegii de acolo asa ca ne pot spune unde sa mergem, si avem is Lonley Planet.

In rest eu saptamana asta merg din nou in GOA. 2nd TIME.
Iti recomad locul, e o alta tara.

astept vesti de la tine 🙂

da-mi id-ul de gtalk poate mai vorovim (vb.) 🙂 pe el.

Ti pup si eu.

7 05 2010

Oh da, am auzit de Goa… O sa imi petrec Revelionul acolo 😀 Sper sa ajung si mai devreme cand vin prietenii mei in vizita in septembrie 🙂 Trebuie sa incep sa ma organizez 🙂 Am fost un pic lenesa pana acum 🙂 Ti pup…

PS: Iti trim pe mail ID-ul de GTalk :*

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