India = Heaven

12 05 2010

Well, maybe not exactly Heaven but very close to my Idea of Heaven 🙂

I wake up every morning with a big smile on my face… I get ready to work knowing that before I reach the office I will stop in Barista for a Mango smoothie with vanilla on top 🙂 This might be the main reason for my smile 😛 I take the bus 😀 I leave early because at 8 am the bus is kind of empty so I have my space 🙂 And people don’t stare that much 😛

At 8:30 I am in the office… it is almost empty… Only the security guys are there, with a welcoming smile 🙂 I love the fact that for a few minutes I have the entire 15th floor all to myself!

I spend the day enjoying my work and learning new stuff from very smart people 🙂 And I have so much to learn 🙂 Last week I conquered the ECM system, this week I published my first story on the intranet :)… Me proud… Maybe for some people this isn’t much but for me it felt like a victory 🙂

Lunch is again a very nice part of the day… I eat my salads… mostly Chicken pasta… and I have one day of the week for junk food from MacDonald’s 😀 The lunch is so nice because most of the time we eat all together and it’s so much fun. I get to try home cooked Indian food and know more about India in general … Btw, I believe Indian cuisine is amazing…

Every day I am thankful to myself for applying for this internship and thankful to the people that felt that I could be good for the job 😀 I hope they feel the same still 😛

At the end of the day, I reach home; I read my e-mails, meet my friends and generally have a good time… Books, surfing the internet, admiring my friends work from far away… These are things that keep me smiling… I love my room and I love Alice… I will miss her the 3 months she will be back in Hungary 🙂

Alice 🙂

I was reading tonight some of the first posts in Ghana… It’s such a huge difference… The things I felt then, compared with the beginning of my experience in India… One thing is sure 🙂 Ghana was a very good preparation for India and I am grateful for that 🙂

I am happy I didn’t choose Europe, Romania, Iasi, my home 🙂 Playing safe is boring and boredom is one of the worse things on Earth 😛 India is not perfect but it’s close to my idea of Heaven 🙂 I enjoy my everyday life, my weekends, my work and the new life I am trying to build here.

Me happy 😀

PS: This Sunday I am going to an Indian wedding and I am very excited about it 😀




3 responses

13 05 2010

🙂 doamne, cum treci de la o stare la alta…. ramai la starea asta, bitte 🙂 imi place oricum sa iti citesc povestile si peripetiile (de care eu nu am parte 😛 )


13 05 2010

Sunt o balanta neechilibrata 😛 Dar India imi place la nebunie, trecand peste toate fazele de doi lei, considerabil mai putine comparativ cu primele luni in Ghana 😀

Mi-e dor de tine… Hai sa ne stabilim un skype meeting intr-o seara 🙂 Eu pot de luni pana joi 😀 Ti pup

14 05 2010

I am glad that you are happy Alex.. Let me know if i can be of some help to add to your happiness !!

“Athithi Devo Bhava”- It means guest is like a god.You are in my country so you are my guest ..

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