Party time!

23 05 2010

Delhi is a very entertaining place at night… no matter the day of the week… there is always 1/2/3/5/10 parties you can attend, private or not… I discovered that recently since I am more like a retired person than a 25 years old one…  I know… I am boring… 😛 But as long as I can live with myself like that I don’t see the problem :* And it gives me time to read 😛

Alice is amazing… Because of her I started to get out of my room during weekends 🙂 and having lots and lots of fun 🙂 This weekend I think it was the peak of my party time in India… We went out 3 days in a row 😛 Pool parties, club parties, private parties… you name it 🙂

The fun part isn’t just about the party and the people you meet there 🙂 It’s also Bitu, our driver most of the time… He gets lost, he doesn’t know even 5% of the places, sometimes it takes hours to get to a place… sometimes we don’t get there at all 🙂  We love you Bitu 😛

What I like:

–  We get to meet nice people and learn interesting life stories

–  Romanian music in India 😛 I am not a crazy fan of Akcent, Inna or Edward Maya but it’s nice that people here are listening to their music

–  Location of the parties… Hard to find but beautiful… mostly the pool parties ones

What I hate:

–  All this… you need to be on the list to get to the party/club!!! Oh yes… I really hate it. I am sorry to say this but Indians are quite discriminating when it comes to that. Twice in one night we met people asking us to help them join a party or a club. Male stags NOT Allowed. As in… if you are single and man you cannot enter the club!!!  What if I am searching for a single hansom man? 😛 Everything strikes me as so fake and discriminating… We went to some clubs and Indian single men asked us to help them get in… And if your name isn’t on the list… you can say bye bye to the club/party 😦

–  People taking pictures of me just because I am white! Not because they might consider me beautiful… but because I am white! Hate it hate it hate it!!! When I say people I am not talking about people participating in the parties as guests… I am taking about random photographers hired to do it….

I don’t know if I will party as much once Alice is taking her holiday in Hungary… Guess I am just too lazy to do it 😛 But I would love to keep in contact with the very interesting people I have met so far… Little boring me will have to make an effort 😀

Me happy!




4 responses

24 05 2010

There are some clubs in the UK that do exactly the same thing: groups of men are not allowed in, but if they have some girls with them it’s okay. In a way it helps because men have a reason to approach groups of women before going in.

I heard some Akcent, Inna and Edwars Maya in the UK as well. To be honest it’s the first time I hear Edward Maya is Romanian 🙂 He does a good job at hiding it; it’s good for his image…sadly…

26 05 2010

were is ackent comin in delhi 2 perform…??

27 05 2010

I don’t really know.
I only know Edward Maya will be in Delhi on 6th of June or something like that. It’s all on his website 🙂

24 05 2010

Howdy.. si in Iasi exista un astfel de club.. au patit-o 2 baieti din grup.. Eu si Cris am intrat si ei 2 nu… 😀 E discriminare peste tot in lumea asta… 😛

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