Azi mi-e dor*

1 06 2010

Again the word that has so obsessively marked my exchange experiences… But today I expected it. It’s 1st of June after all.

All people that know me a little bit know how much I love my nephew… They know because I talk about him all the time… because I am so proud of him and I feel that the world should know what a great little person he is.

I spoke with him on Sunday. He is currently making a natural science museum for himself. And I, I am sending him wild animals, insects and dinosaurs for his collection… All the way from India 😀 I will never forget my journey from Ghana with a traditional African drum… just for him. So why not send some toys from India? 🙂 Of course that they can find all these toys in Romania but they will not be from me… And I hate breaking promises! So poor Alice, besides her big bags has to also carry a box with toys for a 5 years old 😛

So a bitter-sweet 1st of June for me… A bitter-sweet children’s day… I missed his party in kindergarten, and I will also miss the one for the end of the year… And his birthday… and probably Christmas. Being away gives you so much and takes so much of you… It makes you stronger but the moments in which you are paralysed by fear take all your strength in a minute… And the hugs that really count are miles and miles away 😦

Tomorrow are 2 months since I left my home. The time flew away in front of my eyes, when I wasn’t paying attention. This time I don’t have a calendar and I am not making little “X”s every day, like I used to do in Ghana 🙂

I love India and it’s mostly because I love my daily activities which normal people call a job:P I love India and it’s mostly because of my colleagues, which now I see more as friends. I love India and it’s mostly because of Alice. I love India and it’s mostly because of the friends I made here… I love India mostly because …n more other reasons…

But most of all I love India because I feel it helps me be a better me.

OK, so my “being depressed” moment has ended. I wish you to enjoy the time you spend close to your loves one. We often don’t realize how precious they are… The next “being depressed” moment is going to be on 4th of June… and I will get over it. Because I am a strong person and I smile often 😛 I am also very modest… as I am sure you have noticed 😛

Me happy 🙂

PS:  *=DOR




2 responses

1 06 2010

uuu, alexandra, am citit toate posturile ce nu apucasem sa le citesc pana acum (calatoria ta in india – de la inceputuri) si pot sa spun ca m-am delectat si m-am deconectat de la tot ce ma inconjura… ma bucur ca ai asemenea experiente si mai ales ca le impartasesti cu noi 🙂
la multi ani pentru ziua de azi! (pentru partea aia din tine..stii care)
te-am pupat!

2 06 2010

Multumesc mult de tot 🙂 Copilul din mine e mai activ ca niciodata 😛 Ti pup

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