Life… what do we make of it?

11 06 2010

😐 so often we lack to see the bigger picture, being too busy with our daily lives… More than 1000 people a year die violent deaths in India, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Mexico and Sudan… It makes me think a lot more about the way I want to live my life…

I was almost 10 in 1994, going to school while kids were killed on the streets of Rwanda… I don’t remember hearing about it!  I do remember perfectly 9/11…  for a moment it felt like a bad movie, except it wasn’t one…I won’t say the difference in awareness is because 9/11 happened in America, I rather think it’s because media and technology have evolved a lot during these 2 bloody moments in our history…  Nowadays information gets to us from all parts of the world… what do we do with it?

I constantly ask myself what drives people to this kind of horrors… what makes them kill innocent human beings… Is it greed? Is it the power? Does it bring them happiness? When you have the power to do a good thing, why would you choose the other option…?

I don’t just want to live my life… not anymore… it’s no longer an option… When you have eyes to see, you cannot just ignore the world around you, drinking you glass of wine in the comfort of your home… I truly believe that if you don’t like something, you should work towards changing that thing… make it better…

India helps me understand that every day… taking a common Indian bus in the morning and going to a fancy party in the evening pictures perfectly the differences in the  world I live in… I am happy I can do it… I am happy I can see…

Me trying to understand and often failing! I guess we all do mistakes in our experience 😦




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