3 years ago I was…

28 06 2010

• 22 going on 23

• In my 3rd year of college, studying Social Communication and Public Relations… I even had straight 10 for the second semester, for all my exams, while dedicating 90% of my time to AIESEC… (10 is the maximum grade in Romania :P)… Yes, I am bragging about it 😛

• In February I got elected Vice President Communication in AIESEC Iasi 😀 One of the most beautiful, challenging and fun experiences ever… Part of a great team… We kind of spread everywhere (India, Jordan, France and Romania) Each one of them has a special place in my heart :* I miss you lots girls and Iulian and I hate myself for missing the wedding of the year 😦

• I had 4 right hands that year: Bogdan, Catalina, Elena and Paul and a great Communication Department… “Communication – Bringing ideas up front!!!” We never managed to have t-shirts though 😛

• March/April – I was spending the Friday before Easter in the AIESEC office going crazy because one of the partner’s logo wasn’t on the Career Days Fair promotion materials… What to do? OMG, what an amazing time that was 😀 My Dad threatened to disown me because of that 😛 He was waiting for me in the car, outside the office and I was telling him “5 more minutes Dad, just 5 more minutes!!!” And then the press conference… “F5, F5… press F5…” I came a long way when it comes to technology 😛

• With Iulian, trying to persuade Mariana to give up organizing Leadership Gala… I was kind of scared and clueless… but what a great event that was… an even greater event nowadays… For the last edition they had the ambassador of South Africa as a speaker… I am so proud of AIESEC Iasi 😀

• In that year’s Local Planning Meeting we shaped Iashington as it is today… An amazing international conference… with amazing speakers, organized by amazing people!!! Again, I am so proud of AIESEC Iasi 😀

• In the same Local Planning Meeting we played the soap opera… OMG… does somebody still have the movie? Ferdie???? 😛

• In May 2007 I shaved my head. Well not exactly shaved but very very close to it 😛 I had this amazing long hair and my dad shaved it for me… On this heat, I am seriously thinking to do it again :P… well not really but sometimes it does sound like a good idea 🙂

• In august it was my first International Conference “You Can” in Turkey… I felt in Love with Istanbul and it was amazing… A shop owner closed his shop for the day and took me and Anca around and showed us the city… I still remember the train ride, crossing Bulgaria… and all the fun me and Anca had 😛

• In the autumn I was coach for the Local Training Seminar organizing team… OMG… the most amazing and dedicated team ever… They were great… Elena, Bogdan, Silvia, Anca, Dani, Andrei and Andreea… “Va bien/ Va bien/ Va bien muchachos/Va bien” :*

• Mariana was an amazing president, handling a team like ours… “EB-ul vietii” stie de ce 😛 Miss you lots :*

• In 2007 I wasn’t imagining going to Ghana and to India afterwards… I actually believed that I would run for AIESEC International Vice President Communication 😛 I am glad I went for Ghana instead and for India… Life has such a wonderful way of arranging itself in the best way possible 🙂

• There are so many memories… I am afraid I will not be able to stop if I keep going on memory lane 😛 Thanks again Titus and Ionut for the challenge 🙂 It was a very good therapy for a lonely heart in India :P. Romeo, Alexandra… feel like taking this further? How was 2007 for you?

Me happy 🙂

PS: You cand read Titus and Ionut‘s blogs using Google translate… that is if you don’t speak Romanian 🙂




4 responses

28 06 2010
Mariana Calin

“Life has such a wonderful way of arranging itself in the best way possible” – you can say that again 🙂
Lovely post my dear! I miss you!!!

PS: I have the soap opera movie 😀

29 06 2010

I miss you too!!! But I am happy you will (almost all) get together for Geo’s wedding 🙂 I am sure it will be amazing and I am very sorry I am missing it 😦 Big hug :*

29 06 2010

nice nice, eu mi-am luat niste injuraturi dupa leapsa asta, ca am uitat diverse evenimente si oameni din 2007, da nah 😀

29 06 2010

🙂 Daca as fi stat sa le scriu pe toate… 2007 a fost un an chiar fain 🙂

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