Dear Ghana II

29 06 2010

A year ago I was on my way to Ghana, completely unprepared for my experience there… I was such a child and Ghana was such an amazing and challenging surprise…

The 5 hours stop in Casablanca and the marriage proposals… I don’t remember how many camels I was worth at that time 😛 Bad joke, I know… but the proposals weren’t a joke I’m afraid 🙂

I remember Lydia and Gideon and one of their friends picked me up at 2 am from the airport… well more like 3 since they had to wait for one hour for me… The people from customs were too busy watching TV to stamp my passport 😛 The words “Bun venit” in the airport from the artwork designed by Liviu… and so much more

My fist shower with cold water from a bucket, going to work for the first time and being afraid I won’t remember the way back, the first heavy rain, meeting KLepo, Sabine and Emma, Aqua and Lucia… The first trip to Nzulezu…

Beautiful people 🙂

The church every Sunday morning… the first Sunday was the worse… Learning how to negotiate, being robbed, watching men peeing on the street, falling in love with the country, getting Malaria, getting Malaria for a second time… William, Sahil, Tanja, dear Ivan, Brenda and Carla, Lisa, Paula, Esther, Lorena, Bobi, Silviu and Petra, Raluca, Radek, Ryan,Petr, Federica and Federico, Mike,  Big Mike, Darius… OMG… so many wonderful wonderful people… Sushil and Vivek… my great colleagues from work, Richmond, Reggie, Mr. Andoh, Clement, Davis, Gigi and Frimps… and the great friend that encouraged me all the way, Jodie… So so many beautiful people!!!

Going to Kumasi and having my first hot bath in a bathtub after 3 months in Ghana… wishing that I would never have to leave it behind… Kakum National Park, Cape Coast… I spent 6 months of my life in this amazing amazing country… I witnessed police brutality, we bribed the police… I ate for the first time Indian food… the Mango Bliss and Global Mamas… Champs, the most dangerous place in Ghana 😛 Feeding monkeys in the jungle… Celebrating my 25 birthday... in Champs of course 😛  The naked guy on the street… so many many hilarious moments 🙂

I wish I could go back and relive some of those moments… I wish I would be again with William, Sahil and Lucia in the car, making fun of the Kumasi trip… I wish I could have again a coffee in Accra Mall with Raluca, fried rice with chicken from the corner of the street, shopping for earrings in the Art Centre with Aqua and visiting the seamstress where I got my extraordinary 14 skirts… Thank you Emma and Sabine for the tip 🙂

My favorite picture 😛

I will go back one day… I will go back!

Thank you Ghana, for everything you did for me… It was hard, so so hard… but at the end of the day, the victory was ours!

Me… missing a lot some really wonderful people




2 responses

6 08 2010

Beware, my friend, some places are addictive! I’m going back to Ghana next month and am considering a longer stay starting next year. I’ll have a warm coconut doughnut at 9AM and think of you!

13 08 2010

hey. i love this pic! 🙂

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