I really really hate goodbyes!!!

21 08 2010

Yes, the time has come… Dasha just left the apartment 10 minutes ago… I will see her again for 5 more days in October and then who knows…

Ivette and Dasha :*

You don’t realize how much you get attached to people till the moment you see them leave, knowing that the chances to see them again are very small. I remember every tiny little trip to the airport in Ghana, saying goodbye to people I got to love and knowing that they are not mine to love anymore! I feel like this right now, like something broke inside me, again, for I don’t know what time.

Ivette is leaving tomorrow. She is going back to Chennai. I have never been there but I hate it. I hate it just like a child that hates Santa for coming only once a year… With Ivette here for 3 weeks, I had the best of times, both home and at work. We just connect! I don’t want her to go, just like I want Dasha to come back.

I know, I am a big child but I can’t help myself…

For a little more than a year I spent my time getting attached to people and then saying goodbye, with the hope that we will see each other again one day… I am still hoping!

Me… I don’t know… I do repeat to myself every 5 minutes that I am going home for Christmas… These are the magic words that can make me smile in a minute… They seem to have lost their charm this weekend 😦




2 responses

22 08 2010
In love with KL

OOOmm,uuhhh!! =(

That’s kind of sounds I make standing here in KL International Airport and reading your post!! I’m waiting for my brother (he should be in any minute now) and using free WiFi!!!
You are so incredibly positive person, I wish every your blog post you’ll finish with Me happy=)! It makes me fill guilty if even magic phrases doesn’t help anymore!

ok! Listen to me! We WILL see each other again! I WILL be back in October! AND YOU WILL go home for Christmas!!!

Muak! haha

22 08 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

I love you :*

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