Living in the concrete jungle :)

29 08 2010

Lately I have been so busy/tired that I didn’t feel like writing as much…. And also not much has happened 🙂 Going to work, coming back, reading a little… I have been completely anti social. I usually am anti social but for the past 2 weeks… more than ever!

Anyway I wanted to write about Gurgaon for quite some time now. It’s the place I live… No, I don’t live in Delhi… To go there I have to take the fancy metro for a great 20 minutes ride :D. I like the metro because it’s clean, they opened it about a month ago… and it’s also up in the air :P… and the view is great, you can actually see the entire Gurgaon 🙂

We call Gurgaon “the concrete jungle”. It’s full of malls and stray animals. It also includes a huge hole which was supposed to be a huge mall or something, and now it’s just the biggest hole in India. I think it’s fair to say that Gurgaon has more than 10 malls… People spend their weekends in shopping malls. I don’t mean all the people, but every time I had to go to a mall, it was fully packed 🙂

What makes me laugh every morning is the family of pigs that walks happily around the place I live… There are lots and lots of them. Now Piggy became Mama Piggy, she has at least 10 baby pigs and they are so dirty and funny, walking in line, crossing the street, posing for pictures, etc… Daily entertainers for me, part of the scenery for the Indians living nearby…

Once you reach the main road, well one of them (Golf Course Road), you start meeting the cows. At the beginning of my staying here there weren’t so many, but know it’s just full of them… I remember laughing with Sahil about cow’s rehabilitation centres in India, in my first weekend here… now it feels like they all escaped and are enjoying their freedom in Gurgaon 😛

The spot I was all covered in mud by a very "nice" driver 🙂

There is only one thing that I totally dislike in this concrete jungle… the state of the roads. If it’s raining… expect traffic jams and being late to work. If it rained the night before and you take a circle rickshaw to go to work, expect at least one stupid driver speeding and spreading mud all over you… and I mean all over you… Also, here drivers have no respect for pedestrian. But why should they if nobody rules by example and there are so little places where u can normally cross the street? Here crossing the street is a danger to your life. Nobody cares! It’s like if you don’t have a car, you don’t deserve to be safe!

What I don’t seem to stubbornly understand is why the government doesn’t fix the roads once in for all… I mean the monsoon comes every year, in the same period of time… They cannot say it’s unexpected… Anyway, what to do?

Last night I went to Mocha with Javed and Ayush. It’s a nice place and we decided to ignore the big rat passing by from time to time. Everybody else seemed to ignore the little animal, including the waiters. Maybe it was their pet and we didn’t know it. We never asked 😀 Except of the rat, the place is really great 😛 I totally recommend it 🙂

What else… there are some really nice markets; Galleria is my favourite one… It’s a nice place with small shops and this amazing Frozen Yoghurt place… OK, off I go… I think I am spending too much time in front of my computer… I need some frozen yoghurt 😀

Me happy 🙂




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