5 09 2010

Friday it was my 5 months anniversary in India… It’s an intense experience all together although I have to admit Ghana was a lot more challenging… Maybe because it was my first exotic experience 😛

time... you can never actually see it 😛

In this 5 months I’ve learned a lot in my new job 😀 (that’s why I came here and I totally love the professional part of my experience ), I met some really interesting people, had some really great food, I was homesick, I was sick, I was contagious… maybe I still am :P…

My feeling are still mixed… there are things I love, things I hate, things that make me laugh and things that make me feel like I am insane… Incredible India indeed 🙂

I had to stay inside the house for the last week… I hate being sick, I hate hospitals… maybe because I did spent some time there as a child… On Thursday I went out because I needed some stuff from the store and I was wearing sun glasses and feeling totally stupid…But I guess it’s better to look stupid than to look like Frankenstein 🙂

Being blocked inside the house is no fun at all… I even missed the pigs 😛 I wish I were home with my mom pampering me 😀 I missed being spoiled by her 🙂

Looking back… I remember my first day in India… Nobody picking me up from the airport. Nobody in the flat actually knowing that I am coming… my first circle rickshaw ride, my first motorbike ride, eating salad for the first 2 weeks, having to move out after a month… and yes FRO, the place I hoped I will never have to visit again…

I don’t know why I am always choosing the adventure… I had enough chances to go somewhere in Europe and both times I chose the adventure. I said no to Belgium 2 times although it’s my dream country… it’s like a part of me is so restless that just refuses the safer choice…

I am happy that I am here… It’s useless to ask myself “what if”!

Me – I don’t know 🙂 But I am going home for Christmas 😛




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15 09 2010

Amazing!!! You made me laugh!!! My congrats with an anniversary!!!!! 5 months!! WOW it’s a lot!

15 09 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

5, magic number 🙂 I am looking at ur pictures on FB and I can see life is beautiful 😀 I am happy u are coming back for a couple of days so I will be able to listen all the stories 😀 In 3 days I hope I will also have some nice memories from the hippie place :* Hugs 😀

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