Why don’t I feel at home after almost 6 months?

26 09 2010

I just got back a few hours ago from Jaipur. It was beautiful, it was so beautiful that coming back to Gurgaon was so much more painful. I just don’t like this place and the week spent away proved this point again. The only thing nice about Gurgaon is my job!!!

I promise to write tomorrow about how Goa and Jaipur were… small pieces of heaven for a heavy heart 🙂





2 responses

26 09 2010
Cristina Parvulescu

I know this comment won’t help you and it’s an opinion based only on 4 days spent in Delhi, but… It’s kinda impossible to feel like home in Delhi. Delhi sucks…

But there is a nice shopping mall around Gurgaon with “singing fountain” and all. 🙂 You can always escape there…

You look awesome on the elephant!! 😀


27 09 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

I know :)… but shopping malls don’t make me happy 🙂 I loved the elephant ride 🙂 and Gurgaon is indeed terrible… the layer of dust on my face today when I reached the office was like a second, very thick and ugly skin 😦 Anyway, I am trying to encourage myself 🙂 Everything is for the best, except of the early aging 😛

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