The year of 25 – may be the most beautiful year of my life so far :D

10 10 2010

My life wouldn't be the same without you beatiful people in it!

I started my year in Ghana, stopped by in Austria, Romania and Serbia and I finished it in India 🙂 For a person that really loves to travel, things couldn’t have been better. I have the love and support of my family and friends, I am working in the area I love the most, I am challenged on a daily basis. I love and I feel loved. I feel blessed 🙂 And no matter how hard things get sometimes, I know that at the end of the day I am where I always wanted to be!

Last year I was sharing with you 25 random things about Alexandra 😀 This year I will share with you the highlights of the most beautiful year of my life so far 🙂

October 2009 – I was finding myself in Ghana, surrounded by amazing people, celebrating my 25th B-Day in Champs, with cake and tequila shots 🙂

The highlights of that month: We watched some really amazing Ghanaian supporters in Champs, while Ghana was winning the U20 World cup, we visited the Wli Waterfall, MMRS banned access to Facebook and other social websites… I was missing my family and friends a lot but I was slowly slowly falling in love with this amazing country named Ghana. That was maybe the best October ever… and I guess I have a duty to make this one even better 🙂

November 2009It was the first time when I celebrated Thanksgiving 😀 William and Lydia prepared this amazing dinner with turkey and everything else and we gathered together feeling thankful to have so many amazing great people around. I also got malaria, for a second time 😛 The funny part is that I wasn’t your normal malaria patient, with all the symptoms, the fever and the bad dreams. I had that too but I also went partying at Sahil’s brother engagement celebration 😀 Yes, there is nothing ordinary in the way I approach sickness 😛 It either takes me partying  or to the hospital 😛

December 2009 – I was getting ready to return home and I was so homesick 🙂 Also, for the first time in my life, thanks to Clement and MMRS I saw how a TVC shoot is going on. It was so much fun 🙂 Darling Lucia took William, Sahil and I to a school where she took pictures with the kids. She is an amazing photographer 🙂 On my way home I stopped for a few days visiting Moru in Vienna. I was eating “Sahne” with the big spoon, milk products being one of the things I missed the most in Ghana when it came too food 😛

January 2010 – I was homesick for the home I made in Ghana. Yes, a very big contradiction but after a few wonderful days at home I started feeling restless. At the end of January I went with Andreea in Belgrade, at a YiA conference. I totally loved it and I will definitely go there again 🙂

February 2010 – I started writing again and my Dad cut off my apple tree 😦 Staying home for long periods of time was never my thing 😛

March 2010 – Got matched with Alcatel-Lucent India. It was such a chaotic month for me, trying to get all my paper together, apply for my visa and get the hell out of the country 😛 I thought I knew where I was going but once again in my life I was wrong 😀

April 2010 – Oh India… my first month here was very full of learning and new things… And I was so scared… Most of the time I stupidly worry for nothing and this time was no exception. Every new day felt like an adventure. My arrival, nobody waiting for me… When it comes to intern reception I agree with what everybody says. AIESEC India is really really bad at it! I saw Taj Mahal, another dream coming true… and FRO… this wasn’t a dream coming true, more like a nightmare, but still I was pretty lucky 🙂 Overall, it was a good month… even if I was blind and almost fainted in a bus, going to Delhi 😛

May 2010 – Almost got molested in an auto rickshaw, had to break the guy’s lip in the process. I think that is the most humiliating thing that happened to me in India so far. Actually not, but I won’t go there! I also discovered the Delhi party scene and I understood that it’s not my cup of coffee. The less I participate in, the better for my happy self! The best thing about May was Etelka :*

June 2010 – Learned a bit about how Indian prejudice works… it can get pretty nasty at times! Also suffering through the heat was just terrible. But I am alive, so no sense going there again 🙂 Alex moved in and talking in Romanian with him was like music to my ears 😛

July 2010 – July was hardcore. I was fighting homesickness daily and small small things were just making me lose my patience entirely. All the factors combined, it was a bad month. Except of IDOC 2010! That was a very beautiful day 🙂

August 2010 – We had Ivette with us and it was amazing 🙂 Dasha left on her South Asia Trip. She is coming back tonight :D, just like a perfect B-Day present 🙂 I also discovered that not paying attention costs money or time in the real world. So although I hoped I will never see FRO again, one moment of randomness will take me back there in January 2011. I need to extend my visa with one day because I didn’t realized my resident permit expires on 30 of March 2011 and I got my ticked for 31st. Yes, this is me in my purest form… Meanwhile I learned to pay attention to details! Pam Pam

September 2010 – Another hardcore month. Got  sick and survived 😛 I decided to see it as a opportunity to learn about the private medical system in India 🙂 The month ended with Cosi and Cristi visiting me and India 🙂 I was very happy to have them here 🙂 Goa was sort of a disappointment but Jaipur was really great 🙂 And than Olga left 😦 Comeee back!!! 😛

So yes, this is it! I guess one year’s experience can perfectly fit in 2 pages 🙂

Thank you all for making my 25th year truly amazing 🙂 I promise I will make the 26th one extraordinary!

With Love,

Alexandra, Alexa, Alex




4 responses

11 10 2010
Crıstına Parvulescu

Daca facı un scan la post*ul tau ..ıtı daı seama ca sunt multe smıley*urı.. Ceea ce ınseamna ca aı avut un an plın de zambete… 🙂 La sı maı multe!! 😀


11 10 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

😀 Multumesc, chiar a fost un an extraordinar si ce e mai bun abia urmeaza 😀 Ti pup

11 10 2010


11 10 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

Multumesc mult de tot Mon :* Ti pup 🙂

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